Lincoln has been a name that truly means something to America. The luxury battle between Lincoln and Cadillac for supremacy at the top of the American luxury market continues to this day.

There are many people who are loyal to each brand. There’s something special about Lincoln.

2019 shows that Lincoln has modernized their lineups. The models they are offering up are very heavy in the crossover marketplace. Crossovers are the fastest growing section of vehicles, so it makes sense that Lincoln would get involved in it. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

Lincoln Aviator

Specifications: $TBD - TBD mpg - 450 hp

Review: The Aviator is the new kid on the block for Lincoln. Being released mid 2019, it’s going to be the kind of luxury SUV that Lincoln has been missing the last few years. Engine power starts with a turbo V6 that makes 400 HP. In addition, there is also a plug in hybrid option with a 450 HP option. Unlike many other SUV options, the Aviator has both 6 and 7 seat configurations. The Aviator even takes care of people heading to the third row, by offering up a special console that’s easier to get past to the third row. The Aviator is full of wonderful technological options and the speaker even has 28 speakers, to turn every trip to school into a party.

Lincoln Continental

Specifications: $46,155+ - 18-27 mpg - 335 hp

Review: The Lincoln Continental has been a staple for the Lincoln live for what seems like forever. The interior is incredibly plus with beautiful materials used. It’s still nice to see actual wood being used in a vehicle’s trim. The Continental provides plenty of power, but lacks fuel economy for the most part. The Continental can also act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for those in the passenger seats.

Lincoln MKC

Specifications: $34,280+ - 21-28 mpg - 245 hp

Review: The MKC shows that Lincoln is really committed to the crossover market. The MKC does share the underpinnings with the Ford Escape, but it’s completely redesigned on the outside to give it that luxury Lincoln look. The MKC features a 245 HP base engine and a turbo 4 cylinder 285 HP option as well. The MKC may not be the pinnacle of the luxury crossover market, but it’s a solid offering.

Lincoln MKT

Specifications: $44,455+ - 16-24 mpg - 365 hp

Review: Like some other of the Lincoln line, the MKT shares the underpinnings of the vehicle with a member of the Ford family. The in case of the MKT, it has the same basic design as the Ford Flex. The optional twin turbo V6 comes with all wheel drive and adjustable suspension, making it the powertrain of choice. While not all standard, the MKT does offer a lot of optional tech and safety features for people who want to round out their vehicle.

Lincoln MKX

Specifications: $39,185+ - 17-25 mpg - 303 hp

Review: Like other crossovers from Lincoln, the MKX is also a member of the Ford family at heart. The MKX starts life as a Ford Edge, and then receives the Lincoln touch. The interior is filled with rich leather and a high end audio system. The powertrain starts at 303 HP, but an options turbo V6 produces 335 HP instead.

Lincoln MKZ

Specifications: $36,530+ - 21-31 mpg - 245 hp

Review: The MKZ poses questions to car buyers. Is the upgrade to Lincoln styling on the inside and outside worth the fact that the MKZ is a Ford Fusion underneath. There are multiple powertrain options running from 245 HP up to 400 HP. The 400 HP version has some serious pick up for a car at this price point and can manage 0-60 mph in only 4.8 seconds.

Lincoln Nautilus

Specifications: $41,335+ - 21-26 mpg - 335 hp

Review: The Nautilus shares a lot of things in common with the MKX. But it’s more attractive and has some more power underneath the hood. The Nautilus features comfort at most levels. It’s comfortable inside with plenty of room for everyone. It’s comfortable storing items, as the cargo space is ample. It’s comfortable with technology thanks to the impressive Sync 3 infotainment system. Finally, it makes people comfortable mentally, since it’s loaded with safety tech like emergency braking and blind spot monitors.

Lincoln Navigator

Specifications: $73,850+ - 16-23 mpg - 450 hp

Review: The Navigator is a rolling palace dedicated to opulence. The truly immense size of it can be intimidating. The standard Navigator is huge, but the extended body style makes it even bigger somehow. Vehicles this huge are rarely going to be a joy to drive and the Navigator does follow through on that. Steering is slow and clunky. The brakes are mushy. The one plus side is that despite the huge weight of things, it does feature decent acceleration. The Navigator is a status symbol. It’s easy to show off, as you’ll be making lots of stops at gas stations to fill up.