BMW is one of the most popular and powerful vehicle companies on the entire planet. BMW is one of the innovators. It’s one of the trend setters.

Companies take what BMW creates and imitate it. Their product line is impeccable.

BMW does one thing arguably better than anyone else on the planet. It’s their way of combining luxury with the excitement of driving a car. There may be companies who do either of those things better on their own, but none manage to bring them together like Bavarian Motor Works.

The current BMW product line is one of their best ever. It’s broad without any obviously bad cars. That’s hard to do when you produce as many models and variations on those models as BMW does.

BMW 2 Series - $34,000+

32.2mpg - 9.6/10.0

The 2 Series is the entry level sedan/coupe that is available. Like most BMW vehicles, there is more than enough power and it’s designed to be a great introduction to sporty luxury. If droptops are more your thing, you can get the convertible option as well.

BMW 3 Series - $34,500+

34.1mpg - 9.2/10.0

The 3 Series has been the best selling BMW for decades. Providing ample luxury with a performance bent has made it the perfect car for every young professional looking to experience adventure and excitement while behind the wheel.

BMW 4 Series - $43,400+

31.8mpg - 8.6/10.0

The 4 Series is a relatively newer model for BMW compared to the 3 or 5. The 4 series was meant as a smaller step up, rather than jumping from the 3 Series to the 5 Series directly. The 4 Series is a nice car that bridge the gaps in those cars nicely.

BMW 5 Series - $52,200+

34.1 mpg - 9.8/10.0

The BMW 5 Series has dominated roadways since its inception. The 5 Series has always been the luxury flagship of the BMW brand. The 5 Series is in constant competition with the Mercedes-Benz E Class for complete and utter domination of the European luxury car segment. Neither has ever been able to gain an advantage, but the 5 Series is near perfect and trying its best.

BMW 6 Series - $78,600+

25.0 mpg - 8.7/10.0

The creation of the BMW 6 Series was intended as a way to allow BMW to show off their technological advancements. Like the 4 Series, it was intended as a smaller step for people who want to upgrade their luxury level.

BMW 7 Series - $82,500+

18.0-64.0 mpg - 9.9/10.0

The BMW 7 Series takes luxury, and then adds more luxury. When that’s finished, it adds even more luxury! The 7 Series is quite simply a beast. It has every bell and whistle you could ever want in a vehicle while providing you with handling of an exciting sports derived car.

BMW X1 - $34,800+

32.0 mpg - 9.5/10.0

BMW saw the interest in the crossover market and decided they wanted to get involved too. The X1 is an absolutely bonkers fun compact crossover. The X1 becomes even more exciting if you get the M package of options. The gorgeous blue stitching is a nice little touch.

BMW X3 - $41,100+

26.0 mpg - 7.9/10.0

The X3 is the next crossover option having moved up from the X1. The X3 is somewhat weaker than the X1. It may boast some additional power and other features, but it just isn’t as enjoyable to drive. If you’re buying a BMW, it needs to be fun!

BMW X4 - $46,600+

26.0 mpg - 7.4/10.0

The X4 is part of a new trend in crossovers. Rather than the standard wagon/SUV style that most crossovers have, the X4 is styled more like a four door coupé. This crossover coupé style is becoming more popular all the time and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

BMW X5 - $57,600+

24.0 mpg - 9.6/10.0

The X5 pairs a 445 horsepower engine with seven seats. Talk about mixing up sporty with utilitarian! The X5 is the smallest of the full size BMW SUV options but it still has the ability to place three rows of seats in there. The X5 is absolutely brilliant.

BMW X6 - $63,500+

27.0 mpg - 8.8/10.0

Here comes the look of the sport utility coupé once again! The X6 is somewhat similar to the X4. Where the X4 is based off of the X3, the X6 is based off of the X5. Also while the look on the X4 seems a bit odd, the X6 can look positively dashing.

BMW M2 - $53,500+

27.0 mpg - 10.0/10.0

The 2 Series is a great car, and the M2 takes that and makes it even more exciting. The M badge has always meant excitement and performance tuning. Combined with the 2 Series, the M badge has made this car nearly perfect.

BMW M3 - $65,000+

24.0 mpg - 9.8/10

The BMW M3 is an absolute legend. It has been the ultimate sports coupe/sedan essentially since its inception. This version of the M3 is no exception to that rule. The M3 is probably still the very best in class when it comes to extreme sport luxury.

BMW M4 - $67,195+

24.0 mpg - 9.1/10.0

The M4 is one beautiful car. The engines offer between 425 and 454 horsepower. One of the best versions of the M4 is the convertible version. The convertible is really a thing to behold and a true pleasure to drive.

BMW M5 - $95,095+

22.0 mpg- 7.4/10.0

It’s hard to call a 560 horsepower luxury sedan a miss. However there’s something about this version of the M5 that just isn’t what previous versions have been. The M5 basically asks you to put down 6 figures, but then doesn’t really deliver anything special enough for that price. A rare miss from the M series of cars.

BMW i3 - $43,400+

127.0 mpg - 8.4/10.0

Electric vehicles are coming! The i3 is most commonly used as an electric vehicle, but is in reality a plug in hybrid. This means that an small gas motor can be used as a hybrid with the electric vehicle to extend range and charge the batteries. When using it as a hybrid it can produce an impressive 127.0 miles to the gallon!

BMW i8 - $149,800+

29.0 mpg - 9.4/10.0

The BMW i8 shows you what might be possible some day. The i8 is an ultra futuristic coupe that can run as an electric vehicle or a hybrid. While BMW initially published some ridiculous fuel consumption numbers, it’s never come close to those. It produces a solid amount of power and is absolutely brilliant to drive.