Hyundai has gone from being a car company known for unreliable cheap cars to a company full of surprising value! Hyundai came from South Korea to the United States.

Hyundai started in the United States as a value brand. Vehicles were priced much lower than the competition to try to attract buyers. That low price came with a cost later however. The reliability of these early vehicles was questionable. Currently their vehicles are often still priced a little bit lower than the competition. However they are now deliverin

Currently Hyundai is now the third biggest vehicle manufacturer in the entire world. A fun fact about Hyundai is they have the biggest automobile plant in the world. Their Ulsan plant in South Korea produces 1.6 million vehicles every year!

Hyundai Accent - $15,900+

38.0 mpg - 7.0/10.0

The accent has been a feature for Hyundai since shortly after it came to North America. The current version is offered in both sedan and hatchback and has a very nice interior for the price. The 137 horsepower engine isn’t a monster, but it makes the most out of the tiny 1.6-liter four cylinder size.

Hyundai Azera - $35,000+

28.0 mpg - 6.3/10.0

Taking comfort one step up is the new Azera. The Azera is full of technological upgrades and ready to role. Touchscreen navigation is included and there’s Apple CarPlay or Android Auto for people who love themselves some music. Under the hood is 293 horsepower which is paired with a six speed automatic transmission.

Hyundai Elantra - $18,000+

40.0 mpg - 8.6/10.0

The Elantra is one of the best economy cars out there today. The Elantra competes with the Civic and comes out on top in many ways. The Elantra is one of the most versatile cars and comes in both sedan and wagon. Eco mode chosen with the 4 cylinder 1.4 liter turbo four cylinder can produce some incredible fuel economy.

Hyundai Veloster - $22,500+

33.0 mpg - 5.1/10.0

The Veloster is one of the most polarizing vehicles on the road today. Stylistically it is a great looking hot hatch. Credit to Hyundai designers for that. However under the engine options don’t match the style. The base engine of 132 horsepower should be dismissed for the 201 horsepower turbocharged option. The other main problem is space. If you’re over 6’0” tall, you’re going to find it horribly cramped. But if all you want is a sexy little hatchback, it can be a great choice.

Hyundai Tucson - $23,700+

31.0 mpg - 9.4/10.0

The Tucson is one of the best small crossovers on the market today. It’s packed with features. The touch screen GPS and entertainment system gets top marks. The Tucson can realistically fit 4 large adults in comfort and feels great, even in the base trim!

Hyundai Santa Fe - $31,800+

22.0 mpg - 6.4/10.0

The Santa Fe is an honest effort to produce a larger SUV for Hyundai. It’s admittedly a great looking SUV in a segment that is often filled with wallowing barges. While the 290 horsepower V6 is solid, it’s a heavier car so the fuel economy is not as great. While some tech is available, the Santa Fe doesn’t allow Apple CarPlay yet. It does have Android Auto and Blue Link however.

Hyundai Santa Fe Sport- 26,300+

24.0 mpg - 8.1/10.0

While the Santa Fe is a bit of a wallower when you’re driving it, the Santa Fe Sport makes up for it. The Sport accepts that most people are not going to be driving their SUV off road all the time and is tuned for the roads instead. The handling is crisp and responsive. It offers up a lot of technological connectivity and all new age audio systems are now supported with it.