Infiniti is a household name well-known for producing one of the most daring and innovative designs in the automobile sector. Despite the fact that the company manufactures a variety of different models, the brand has made great strides in the SUV and Crossover Markets.

In fact, the company is also known for its industry-leading client and after-sales services, which deservedly earned it the highest overall ranking in the JD Power and Associates survey.

Impressive Growth

The luxury carmaker seems destined to make further inroads as it recorded the best-ever October sales in the U.S. market. The QX50 model had its third straight record month as the company delivered over 3,100 vehicles. Overall, the records continue to tumble as all crossovers and SUV models are up 40 percent for the month, in the U.S. market. Those who understand the dynamics of automobile industry also understand that it takes something special from a car manufacturer to increase its sales if the direct competitors are names like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi.

Advance Technology

Keeping up with the challenge, the think-tank behind the Infiniti is always on forefront of the technology and design. For instance, the company is the pioneer of driver assistance technologies, which are incorporated into the futuristic designs of its SUVs and Crossovers. Continuing the tradition of innovation, the carmaker is ready to adapt all-electric vehicles by 2021. It means that almost all the new models of Infiniti Crossovers and SUVs will go electric in the near future.

What Makes Infiniti a Resounding Success?

Discussing the recent success of Infiniti, Roland Krueger, President of the company, explained that more buyers are shifting from sedans to Crossovers and SUVs. The reason behind the change is the need for more seating space and the ability to travel off-road. Another major is the desire to take control while seated at a relatively higher position, which gives driver a full-view of the road conditions. In fact, increase mileage due to all-electric and hybrid versions has also allowed the consumer to look for larger vehicles that can provide more versatility.

According to Krueger, people are attached to the design of Infiniti. It is one of the reasons why Infiniti Crossovers and SUVs are also becoming popular in China – a market traditionally known for smaller vehicles. In the last five years, Infiniti has grown more than 180% in China, which is yet another testament to its attractive design and technology. To be able to meet the future demand of customers, Infiniti continues to operate from its headquarters in Hong Kong, making it easier for the top management to feed the ever-improving Chinese and Asian markets.

For potential buyers interested in buying Infiniti, answers to the most frequently asked questions will help them in making a decision.

Questions and Answers

Q: How much does the Infiniti Models Cost?

A: Infinity is a luxury brand; therefore, the basic Q50 model sedan will cost around $35,000. As for the Crossovers and SUVs, the QX30 costs around $30,000. Similarly, the much talked-about QX50 sells for approximately, $37,000.

Q: Does Infiniti Offer Hybrid Vehicles?

A: Infiniti offers hybrid versions of its models both in Sedan and Crossovers. The Infiniti Q50 sedan offers a fuel efficiency of around 28 to 29 miles per gallon. Similarly, the Q60 Hybrid offers an estimated 26 miles per gallon.

Q: What distinguishes Infiniti from other brands?

A: Infiniti distinguishes itself by providing dazzling futuristic designs and high-tech systems, which come standard on all models. For instance, every Infiniti vehicle comes with intelligent cruise control, blind spot warning, and backup collision control. The newer models are equipped with the world’s first advanced driver-assist systems.

Q: Isn’t Infiniti only for the tech-savvy driver?

While it is true that the refined interior space of the Infiniti vehicle may seem like a cockpit of a futuristic plane, it is very easy to control the automated features using a single user-friendly interface. As an example, the new Q50 model has two twin screens on the front panel, which are designed to provide an aesthetic experience with good straight lines and simple icons.

Q: How is the after-sales service of Infiniti?

Infiniti has won numerous customer service awards for its service. Every dealership undergoes world-class training enabling it to offer exemplary service to its clients. A strong network of local dealers has enabled Infinit to outrank all of its competitors in every category of customer satisfaction, as evaluated by the recent J.D. Power CSI index.