It’s rare for companies to enter and then succeed in the automotive industry. With the behemoths of the industry having been established for decades (if not centuries), it’s proven very difficult for modern companies to enter the industry.

More often they are bought out early or absorbed into a different company.

Tesla has proven the world wrong about a lot of things. The first is the idea that a new company can’t enter the industry. Tesla rolled out their first car in 2008 and has been on the lips of everyone in the auto industry since. The second main issue they proved people wrong about was that electric cars would be boring. Tesla has shown that you can make an exciting and powerful electric vehicle, while maintaining large ranges. Tesla’s may be the most practical use electric vehicles in the world.

Tesla History

Tesla was founded back in 2003, but the real point where the company took off was in 2008. This was the year that they released their first vehicle simply titled “The Roadster”. It was also the year the enigmatic Mr. Musk took over as CEO of Tesla.

By the year 2012, Tesla expanded their product line. They gave up on the expensive and novelty Roadster and introduced the Model S, which was a huge seller and showed off what the company was truly capable of.

Since then, Tesla has undergone a variety of excellent and damaging moments. Rumors of production issues have often driven expectations down, though that’s to be expected with a newer company building from the ground up. Mr. Musk has given up his chairman position after a potential stock manipulation scandal, though he remains as CEO. Tesla is sometimes mired in controversy, but the vehicles produced continue to be excellent!

What Makes Tesla Different?

In addition to making electric vehicles, the thing that really makes Tesla different from other automakers is their willingness to embrace future tech before the others do so. It’s true this is part of why their vehicles are often far more expensive, but there’s an obvious method to their madness.

In addition to really being the first to produce more luxury electric vehicles en masse, Tesla is also the innovator in both semi-autonomous and autonomous driving. Vehicles are produced with the ability, even if it’s not enabled right away. This means that as soon as autonomous driving is more widespread, it will be available immediately in each Tesla with only a software update.

The other thing that makes Tesla’s different is the way they charge their vehicles. The supercharged “Tesla Station” they created allowed for much quicker charging of their vehicles, making the Tesla even more viable as an every situation vehicle!

Tesla Models

Currently Tesla makes three different models of car. Unlike other manufacturers which create gigantic car lineups, they focus on certain quality standard. The three main models that Tesla sells are:

  • Model S - This is the updated version of the same sedan they released in 2012. The updated Model S has some ridiculous standards on speed. With the limiters on the batteries turned off, it can go from 0-60 mph in only 2.5 seconds! The electric engine allows for 100% of power to be available immediately to create those speeds. The 335 mile range is ample and it’s beautifully designed. The Model S starts at around $70,000.
  • Model X - Tesla decided they wanted to have a higher sitting crossover model. The Model X is exactly that. In true Tesla style, the rear doors are gullwing style for added flair. The Model X is larger and seats 7 people. It still has a 295 mile range for people to enjoy. The model X starts at around $80,000.
  • Model 3 - The Model 3 was intended to be a less expensive vehicle for people to get from Tesla. The Model 3 still has many of the impressive features of the other vehicles, like a 310 mile range, but the price is lower. The Model 3 starts around $35,000. The number of early orders and deposits for Model 3s suggests that new buyers may have to wait a bit to get their hands on one.