While many of the other classic vehicle companies have passed by the wayside, Buick continues on as a strong brand. The recent resurgence from Buick is based upon some exciting new designs and plans.

Buick nearly faded away into irrelevance, but is back with a vengeance.

The 2019 Buick line seems to offer something for almost anyone. Their range of crossovers and sport utility vehicles are diverse and promising vehicles. Their Sedans feature the gentle balance between power and responsibility. They even have a comfortable convertible for people to enjoy the sun. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Buick Cascada

Specifications: $33,990+ - 21-29 mpg - 200 hp

Review: Sometimes, there’s something about driving with the top down on the open road. The Cascada isn’t exactly a sporty convertible. It’s heavy and sort of slow despite the 200 horsepower engine. The convertible top is very good however, and drops quickly (17 seconds). In addition, it can be taken down or put up at speeds up to 30 mph. This means that no one is going to get rained on during a moment.

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Buick Enclave

Specifications: $40,990+ - 18-26 mpg - 310 hp

Review: Buick offers three different crossover and sport utility vehicles in their lineup. The largest of these is the Enclave. The Enclave is full of tech, including Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, the ability to be an LTE Wi-Fi hotspot and more! Options include emergency braking for some extra safety in the vehicle.

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Buick Encore

Specifications: $23,985+ - 25-33 mpg -138 hp

Review: The Encore is a tiny crossover which shows off the mindset of modern Buick. It’s a perfect crossover for big cities and allows people to run around quickly with good fuel economy. Handling is quick and agile and the cabin is well appointed for a vehicle in this price range.

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Buick Envision

Specifications: $34,990+ - 22-29 mpg - 252 hp

Review: The Envision works to be a great family vehicle. The base engine can be a bit weak at 197 hp, but the Premium versions instead have an ample 252 hp. The interior cabin is quiet thanks to noise cancellation. It also features all of the tech you could want in a fantastic touch screen infotainment system.

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Buick LaCrosse

Specifications: $30,490+ - 25-35 mpg -310 hp

Review: The LaCrosse is an interesting vehicle. It manages to please a large customer base, whether it’s those looking for economy, or people looking for a powerful sedan. The economy in the 4 cylinder hybrid is excellent for a vehicle of this size.

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Buick Regal

Specifications: $25,915+ - 23-31 mpg - 250 hp

Review: If there’s one vehicle which shows off the diversity and the excitement that is the modern Buick, it’s the Regal. The Regal comes in three very distinct versions in different price ranges. The GS is the high end sport sedan starting around $40,000. The TourX is their wagon offering, which comes in starting at only around $30,000. Finally the Sportback starts around $25,000. All three models are exciting and brimming with technological features. The Regal really showcases everything Buick has to offer.

New vs Used

When it comes to considering a used Buick, it can be a more difficult proposition than some other used cars. Buicks from the past are not all desirable vehicles. The best used Buicks are either classic vehicles from the past, or are recent models in the last few years. Used buicks from 2000-2010 are perhaps best left to others.