Lexus continues to be one of the most popular luxury brands in the world. They do so by never being comfortable with what they already have. An old brand slogan comes to mind.

“The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection”. That’s what Lexus does. They always try to make their vehicles the pinnacle.

It’s true that they don’t always reach that goal. Every company has some misses with their lineups. The 2019 Lexus lineup combines a level of comfort, power and style that surpasses that which came before. The future for Lexus is exciting. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

Lexus ES

Specifications: $40,595+ - 43-45 mpg - 215 hp

Review: The ES offers itself in both traditional and hybrid engine options. Both offer some pretty solid fuel economy for a luxury vehicle. For people looking for the fun, the F Sport version can turn the ES into an exciting sport sedan. As a luxury car, it’s supposed to be full of tech, and the ES doesn’t disappoint. It’s got Wifi, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Eyes Free all available. It’s also full of safety like automatic emergency braking.

Lexus GS

Specifications: $47,505+ - 22-32 mpg - 311 hp

Review: The GS comes as a base model, a hybrid, or in an exciting F Sport model. The GS is a sports sedan in one of the purest senses. The F Sport model takes it to another level with some incredible suspension. Despite being a joy to drive, it can be a little dated in some ways. The infotainment system is older and clunky. The greatest divider with the GS comes from the appearance. Some people really like it and some can’t stand it.

Lexus GX

Specifications: $53,150+ - 15-18 mpg - 301 hp

Review: The GX is a huge sport utility that has thrown fuel economy to the wind. The GX is everything that modern sport utility vehicles seem to have eschewed as they have modernized. The GX is happy off road and can hit almost any trail. Inside, it’s a rolling luxury liner. Despite the high price, a lot of safety features like adaptive cruise control and automated emergency braking are only optional.

Lexus IS

Specifications: $39,205+ - 22-32 mpg - 311 hp

Review: The IS shows itself off as a vehicle that has a little something for everyone. The base trim comes with a turbocharged four cylinder and rear wheel drive for the driving enthusiasts. Upgrading gives the car all wheel drive and more power. For those who want the very best the IS has to offer, it’s the F Sport trim. Sport turning makes the F-Sport a joy to drive while remaining safe with all the latest safety features.

Lexus LC

Specifications: $92,995+ - 16-26 mpg - 471 hp

Review: The LC is a piece of modern art on four shapely wheels. In addition to its gorgeous lines, the LC has plenty of power to get it moving. For people who are interested in saving some money at the pump, there’s a hybrid option available as well. The downside to the hybrid is that it drops the power to 354 HP. While fuel economy goes up, it doesn’t quite go up enough to really make it worth the loss of all that power. The LC is a near perfect grand tourer.

Lexus LS

Specifications: $76,025+ - 18-27 mpg - 416 hp

Review: Every luxury auto brand needs a flagship sedan. The flagship truly shows off everything that it’s about. While not everyone may love the Lexus styling, the LS is dressed for success. Inside, it’s beautifully designed and laid out. Road noise is almost completely eliminated from the cabin. While most people will choose the twin turbo V6, there’s also a hybrid option. Another bonus is that for a full size luxury sedan, the LS can save you quite a bit of money over the European counterparts from Mercedes and BMW.

Lexus LX

Specifications: $91,075+ - 13-18 mpg - 383 hp

Review: the LX is a huge SUV. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. It’s surprising that an SUV running over $90,000 has poor steering and weak braking. It should be capable of towing a lot more than it is. Four wheel drive comes standard and the interior is well appointed. However, fuel economy is truly abysmal. The LX should offer more for what it’s trying to be.

Lexus NX

Specifications: $36,980+ - 22-28 mpg - 235 hp

Review: Small luxury crossovers are surging in the marketplace. A vehicle that combines realistic city size with a touch of luxury is something that appeals to a lot of people. The NX offers quality features including Wifi and adaptive cruise control. The downside to the NX is that it lacks a lot of the handling and sporty features that come from some of the competition.

Lexus RC

Specifications: $41,635+ - 22-32 mpg - 311 hp

Review: The RC is a great looking sport coupe. The base model offers comfort and a little bit of zip from either the base 241 HP engine or the option 311 HP V6. If that’s enough, the RC also has the F version. For another roughly $25,000, a 467 horsepower engine and aggressive styling is the reward. The RC F is gorgeous, fast and fun.

Lexus RX

Specifications: $44,595+ - 28-29 mpg - 308 hp

Review: The RX shows off excellent styling along with pure comfort. The RX is refined. While perhaps not the most exciting to drive, it provides an almost perfect appeal to families and those who need to haul. It’s also available as a hybrid, which provides slightly more fuel economy. Considering there’s a limited amount of power in the first place, the drop to the hybrid really isn’t a big issue.