Lexus has become one of the best luxury brands on the planet. As the luxury brand from Toyota, Lexus has been the maker of some very reliable and durable vehicles. Lexus’ slogan used to be the “relentless pursuit of perfection” and their engineering showed exactly that.

Lexus’ brand was getting slightly stale, so they decided to try something a little different with their styling. The goal was to make their vehicles truly distinctive so everyone knew they were looking at a Lexus. This was why Lexus has introduced the giant spindle grill. This styling cue is not for everyone. Their large grilles have made opinion very divided, but regardless, people know it’s a Lexus!

The current Lexus product line reflects a company in transition. Lexus has a number of hybrid vehicles as they transition away from heavy gas guzzling luxury to more modern technologically luxurious.

Lexus IS - $38,800+

38.0 mpg - 8.4/10.0

The IS is the entry level luxury option from Lexus. While not particularly well equipped as a base model, there are a lot of great options and packages available. Chief among them is the F Sport package. This comes with sport suspension as well a variety of other sport tuning tweaks.

Lexus LS - $73,500+

23.0 mpg - 7.3/10.0

The LS is a big luxurious boat. The LS is being completely redesigned for 2018 and is expected to bring some modernization to a pretty good car. The only downside to it is that it’s a little bit dated in styling and doesn’t quite have as much as competitors. The LS is set to take a huge step forward!

Lexus GS- $47,300+

32.0 mpg - 5.8/10.0

The GS is a sports sedan that is a little light on power. In addition to not having the power to compete with its direct competition, it’s got some questionable styling cues. Aside from that, it’s a solid vehicle.

Lexus GS-F - $84,900+

24.0 mpg - 8.0/10.0

If the main problem with the GS is that it lacks enough power, the GS-F rectifies that problem and then some! Rather than the standard GS engine, the GS-F features a 5 litre V8 that is pumping out 467 horsepower! While it’s not quite at the level of the 600+ horsepower Cadillac CTS-V, it’s more than enough for any sane adult!

Lexus CT - $32,300+

43.0 mpg - 4.7/10.0

The CT is just a rebadged Prius. There’s not really any change from the Prius itself. While it does provide a lot of fuel economy, it’s very slow. The CT puts out 134 horsepower only. With the increases in hybrid technology, it’s actually not that great in comparison to other hybrids available.

Lexus ES - $39,900+

40.0 mpg - 4.3/10.0

The ES hybrid is another way that Lexus is trying to enter the future. The ES isn’t one of Lexus’ better options however. While many focused on the hybrid system, it seems a lot of the other features received little to no time in the design room and in the engineer's hands.

Lexus GX - $52,700+

20.0 mpg - 6.7/10.0

Many sport utility vehicles have evolved into city vehicles. They no longer yearn for the great outdoors and instead they have chosen to cater to the iron jungle. However, the Lexus GX goes against the grain. The GX is a powerful off road vehicle that is just asking to be driven as far away from roads as is possible.

Lexus LX - $90,900+

18.0 mpg - 5.3/10.0

The LX is trying to be what the Mercedes G class is. It wants to be a powerful and ultra luxurious status symbol. Sadly it misses the mark slightly. The LX just doesn’t provide enough enjoyment while driving. It’s underpowered and lacks the off road muscle of any of its competition.

Lexus NX - $36.300+

33.0 mpg - 8.9/10.0

The NX is a great looking crossover. It’s sleek and stylish. Inside there is nothing different. The interior is well appointed and has a great mix of traditional and modern styling cues. While it doesn’t have a particularly exciting engine. Despite being a smaller crossover, the NX is large inside and seats large adults comfortably!

Lexus RX - $44,095+

30.0 mpg - 6.7/10.0

If the NX is too small, the next step up in space is the Lexus RX. The RX shows off a great interior. It’s roomy, well appointed and the plush seats certainly pamper your behind. The RX engine does leave something to be desired. It’s underpowered and produces solid fuel economy, but not spectacular.

Lexus RC - $41,130+

32.0 mpg - 7.3/10.0

The Lexus RC is a good looking car that just lacks that extra oomph when it comes to the engine. The RC is a very stylish looking coupe however. The bonus to this however is that the RC is fairly affordable in comparison to its main competition.

Lexus RC F - $65,140+

25.0 mpg - 8.5/10.0

If the RC is pretty but under-powered, the F package takes that car and completely transforms it. 467 horsepower awaits drivers and the RC-F is just begging to have the pedal put down and let it launch. The handling isn’t perfect, but it’s a gorgeous car with a big engine. Can’t complain about that!