When it comes to the automotive world, there’s few names as powerful as Mercedes-Benz. Seemingly year after year, Mercedes-Benz continues to put out incredible automobiles. It’s a mark of distinction that companies put out vehicles to try to compete with Mercedes, rather than the other way around.

2019 marks another chapter for Mercedes. Some new models, some redesigns and some classics mark 2019. Mercedes has been jumping on the hybrid and plug in hybrid bandwagon for a while, and has increased their dedication to it in 2019. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

Mercedes A-Class

Specifications: $TBD - TBD mpg - 188 hp

Review: Mercedes has decided to release an all new A-Class for the 2019 year (expected to arrive early in the year). Their return to the compact luxury class seems like it could not have gone better. The base 188 hp cylinder gives it some solid pep, but it will probably get some AMG tuning eventually as well. It’s full of technology and has a really nice voice recognition system. The interior is roomy for a smaller vehicle and should make any driver feel at home.

Mercedes C-Class

Specifications: $41,245+ - 24-33 mpg - 241 hp

Review: The C-Class continues on as the Mercedes entry level luxury offering. It often seems like Mercedes can do no wrong with the C-Class. There are a large number of different models. Coupe, convertible and sedan are all there, with more variations than can even be explored. The C-Class even has a plug in hybrid model. The fuel economy for most models is already pretty solid, the plug in hybrid just makes it more impressive.

Mercedes CLA-Class

Specifications: $33,695+ - 24-37 mpg - 208 hp

Review: The CLA is a beautiful example of four door coupe styling. Mercedes has really embraced this styling option and designed some beautiful vehicles because of it. The CLA is actually the least expensive Mercedes available right now. Despite that, it’s a beautiful looking car. The only downside to it is that the ride is a bit rough when it comes to less than pristine roadways.

Mercedes CLS-Class

Specifications: $76,145+ - 17-25 mpg - 402 hp

Review: The CLS takes the E-Class chassis and throws in an excellent engine. The coupe styling looks fantastic, but headroom is certainly lacking in the rear sets for adults. The ride is comfortable, and not quite as sports car as some people may be expecting. The CLS engine is unique that a small electric motor is also installed. The electric motor kicks in to avoid turbo lag from the standard engine. This is clever and does result in smooth acceleration for the CLS.

Mercedes E-Class

Specifications: $54,495+ - 20-27 mpg - 329 hp

Review: One of the last Mercedes vehicles which also has a wagon model, the E-Class is incredibly popular. There’s a reason for it. The engine options offer strength. The ride is smooth and comfortable. Despite this, the cornering is still solid. Technology comes in the form of a really big 12.3 inch infotainment display. It also features semi-autonomous driving as an option for areas there that’s ready to go.

Mercedes G-Class

Specifications: $124,595+ - 13-14 mpg - 416 hp

Review:  Not many vehicles can avoid a major visual redesign for over 40 years and still look absolutely incredible. The G Class is iconic. That being said, it better be for the sticker price. The new G Class has a huge amount of power, which makes it surprisingly nimble on road, but still completely capable of hitting the trails. If the sticker price doesn’t shock you, the fuel economy should.

Mercedes GLA-Class

Specifications: $34,395+ - 24-33 mpg - 208 hp

Review: The GLA seems to be a hot hatch for people who loved hot hatches 10 years earlier. It’s a little bigger than most hatchbacks and smaller than crossovers. The engine provides excellent response when it’s in performance mode, and good fuel economy in eco mode. While not as sport tuned as other hot hatchbacks, it does provide a pretty comfortable ride. It really is the hot hatchback having reached full maturity.

Mercedes GLC Class

Specifications: $41,045+ - 22-28 mpg - 241 hp

Review: The GLC is the crossover based off of the C Class. In theory, that should mean it’s a great vehicle. The truth is the GLC is a very solid crossover offering. It’s not the best on the market, but it is loaded with features. It has collision prevention and wind assist to keep you safe. It also has a paddle shifting 9 speed automatic to let the driver enjoy themselves a little. The interior is pure Mercedes, full of quiet respectability. The other option is the GLC Coupe crossover. Much like other Mercedes models, it offers up the four door coupe styling and sloped rear roof.

Mercedes GLE-Class

Specifications: $56,695+ - 17-23 mpg - 329 hp

Review: Mercedes has done their best to make a GLE for everyone. People who want to hit the trails can equip their GLS for that. People who want to cruise around in comfort in a city can do that. There’s even a most excellent plug in hybrid making 43 MPGe with a 436 hp hybrid engine. This is the last year of this GLE generation. The next generation is going to be redesigned and all new.

Mercedes GLS-Class

Specifications: $70,545+ - 14-19 mpg - 449 hp

Review: The GLS is an expensive and wonderful SUV. Everything that makes the S Class good, makes the GLS just as good. All wheel drive is of course standard, and safety tech like cross-wind assist and automatic emergency braking are all equipped. The GLS does a great job of feeling like a flagship SUV.

Mercedes S-Class

Specifications: $90,895+ - 19-28 mpg - 463 hp

Review: The flagship sedan of Mercedes continues to be a pinnacle of their model line. The S-Class starts out luxurious and continues to become more luxurious as you go up the trim lines. In addition to the sedan, the S-Class has both a coupe and convertible option. The S-Class is also a favorite of those wonderful engineers at AMG, providing all kinds of excellent AMG versions of the S-Class that have more power than any sane person truly needs.

Mercedes SL-Class

Specifications: $89,195+ - 20-28 mpg - 449 hp

Review: There may not be a better luxury convertible in the world. The SL-Class offers various trims. The SL450 offers a 362 hp twin turbo, whereas the SL550 elevates things up to a 449 hp turbo V8. The folding roof can up or down at 25 mph, ensuring no one is going to get wet due to an unexpected rain shower. The SL is also well known for coming standard with rear wheel drive. Driving enthusiasts can toss the tail out wide if they really want to.

Mercedes SLC-Class

Specifications: $49,395+ - 25-32 mpg - 241 hp

Review: The SLC proves that Mercedes believes everyone should be able to drive a convertible. Like the SL Class, the SLC offers a roof that will go up and down while driving up to 25 mph. The 241 hp turbo 4 cylinder is more than enough pep for this little runabout. The SLC offers up pure fun with enough luxury to remind people it’s a Mercedes.