Nissan is the type of automotive company that has proven car companies can recover. Nissan has known both true success and real struggles. Their roller coaster is currently on a high and Nissan is one of the fastest growing automotive companies in the world.

Nissan’s vehicles run the gamut from ultra economy vehicles to a pure racing supercar. This dichotomy of vehicles highlights how good their engineering team is to be able to produce a solid lineup of vehicles that are mostly pretty good.

Where is Nissan going to go from here? Their focus lately does seem to be on the crossover market. Like a lot of companies, they seem to see this as a huge future source of revenue. Their current product line certainly helps reflect this.

Nissan Altima - $23,400+

39 MPG - 6.8/10.0

The Altima is a pretty great looking car. It’s stylish look is very reminiscent of the bigger Maxima as well. Both engines run off of a continuously variable transmission, but the superior engine is certainly the 270 horsepower V6. The Altima is good in every aspect, but lacks greatness in any particular area. This leads to it feeling slightly underwhelming to drive.

Nissan GT-R - $112,000+

23 MPG - 8.8/10.0

The Nissan GT-R is widely considered the most incredible car to drive in the world. Ignore some cars that may be faster. The GT-R is special because it’s built to do nothing but drive. 565 horsepower is somehow pulled out of a 3.8 liter V6. If you’re asking it to do anything practical like drive over a speed bump or take small children to school, it’s going to fail you miserably. If you ask it to take you around a corner at mind bending speed while you grin like a maniac, it’s going to be a great success.

Nissan Armada - $46,100+

18 MPG - 8.0/10.0

The nissan Armada is a heck of a sport utility vehicle. Towing capacity is over 8500 pounds and it’s got three rows so that 8 people can fit comfortably. That’s one aspect of the Armada. The other is the interior. It’s plush and full of conveniences like navigation. It’s got a banging sound system and touchscreen system. It’s also packing a 390 horsepower 5.6 liter V8 to get it moving quickly. So what’s the downside? The downside is the terrible terrible fuel economy.

Nissan Frontier - $19,400+

21 MPG - 6.0/10.0

There’s not a lot of compact pickup trucks left in the markets these days. The Frontier is actually about the exact same as it was when it was introduced back in 2005. The one major change is that it’s added crew cab and extended cab options. The Frontier has been eclipsed by the competition in this segment. On the plus side, it’s cheap!

Nissan Juke  - $21,200+

31 MPG - 5.8/10.0

The Juke works well for people who like a goofy little ride. The styling is certainly unique. Power comes from a turbocharged 188 horsepower 1.6 liter engine. That’s more than enough to get around town, but you’re not going to be breaking any speed records. This is especially true when combined with the CVT that is mandatory.

Nissan Leaf - $31,600+

101 MPGe - 7.1/10.0

Nissan was one of the first to make a pure electric car available to the public. The Leaf has continues to get better and evolve since its inception. That being said, it is not a fast car. 0-60 mph times come in over 10 seconds. The range is a solid 100+ miles before your battery is going to run dry, but that’s been eclipsed by other electric vehicles. The Leaf is best used as a short city commuter.

Nissan Maxima - $33,500+

30 MPG - 9.3/10.0

The Maxima is one fantastic vehicle. When it comes to full size sedans, there currently is no better option. The Maxima fluctuates between a full size sedan and an entry level luxury vehicle. It’s full of features, though Android Auto is conspicuously absent. Other than that, the touchscreen system is first class. The Maxima is also gorgeous. Each generation seems to find a balance between contemporary style and modern flourishes.

Nissan Murano - $30,700+

31 MPG - 8.3/10.0

The Murano is another well styled Nissan vehicle. Nissan designers really aren’t afraid of taking risks and the Murano doesn’t look like any other SUV out there. Power comes from a 260 horsepower V6. While front wheel drive is standard, all wheel drive is an option most people will want to consider. The Murano is another Nissan vehicle that is good in every way, but lacks that one great feature to make it stand out.

Nissan Rogue - $22,400+

32 MPG - 6.8/10.0

The Rogue comes in two options. The basic rogue offers you 170 horsepower. It’s pretty inside and out. The problem is that it doesn’t come that well equipped. You can get a nicely equipped Rogue, but you need to add in the options. The Rogue Sport actually has less power, but it’s also shorter and lighter. The Rogue Sport adds a ton of fun to the drive as well.

Nissan Pathfinder - $31,300+

26 MPG - 6.0/10.0

The Pathfinder is a solid addition to the sport utility field. As the midsize vehicle of Nissan’s sport utility lineup, it’s intended to offer both size and convenience in equal measures. The Pathfinder allows larger families to get the third row seating, and for those who don’t need it, they can enjoy more space. The downside to the Pathfinder is it’s incredibly utilitarian. It’s slow and unwieldy to drive.

Nissan Sentra - $17,900+

39 MPG - 3.8/10.0

The Sentras of the past have varied between really great vehicles and fairly terrible vehicles. Sadly, it’s currently going through one of the worst phases. The Sentra gives you 130 horsepower in the base model rising up to only 188 horsepower if you get the optional turbo. While some Nissan models are good all around, the Sentra has an air of “that will do” to it. Combined with the sub par Versa, Nissan’s economy lineup is currently in a bit of a lull.

Nissan Titan - $30,800+

69 MPG - 6.8/10.0

The Titan is a good looking truck. In addition to being attractive, the Titan also is capable of towing over 9700 pounds! The 5.6 liter V8 puts out a very impressive 390 horsepower and 394 lb-ft torque. Like many other trucks, it’s beautifully equipped inside and incredibly comfortable to spend time in.

Nissan Versa - $12,900+

39 MPG - 2.8/10.0

The Versa is slow. It only has 109 horsepower. The Versa is unattractive. The Versa is made of materials that are almost embarrassing. The fit and finish is bad. So what does the Versa have going for it? It’s got good fuel economy and it’s the cheapest production car currently available in the United States.