Chrysler is one of the traditional giants of American motoring. It has formed the heart of the Chrysler corporation for a century. However, unlike many brands, it has fallen away as the years have gone on, while the other brands for the company have often increased in stature.

While Dodge and Jeep have risen in sales, Chrysler has fallen off.

While the 2019 product line only consists of two vehicles, there’s something to be said for each of them. The cars celebrate what Chrysler has been about for the last century. They offer affordable, yet refined vehicles that show off both status and good taste. Both vehicles show that what the Chrysler lineup lacks in quantity, they certainly make up in quantity. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Chrysler 300

Specifications: $30,390+ - 19-30 mpg - 363 hp

Review: Modern vehicles tend to compromise. Crossovers and hybrids have all given way to modern ways of doing classic old school things. However, some vehicles buck modern trends. Some vehicles say they want to do things how they have been done in the past. The Chrysler 300 is one of those vehicles. While the base model gets a 292 horsepower engine, the S version pumps things up with a wildly fuel inefficient 5.7 liter 363 hp V8 engine. Inside the 300 is a huge amount of space, with everything designed for comfort. It’s not meant to be a sports sedan. It’s more Bentley than BMW. There’s certainly a place for that kind of car!

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Chrysler Pacifica

Specifications: $28,390+ - 25-65 mpg - 287 hp

Review: If there’s one market that Chrysler held a complete stranglehold on for decades, it was the minivan market. Their various offerings including the Caravan, Grand Caravan and Town and Country dominated the market for a long time. After a brief time no longer at the top, The Pacifica is a clear head of the class when it comes to minivans. It’s not just that it is full of safety features, but it’s difficult to find one that is missing. The surround view camera, collision warning and the adaptive cruise control does everything to ensure the family will not see an accident. The Pacifica even comes with a plug in hybrid version. That manages a very solid 65 mpg when using the electric hybrid to its full potential.

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The hybrid option on the Pacifica is where it truly shines. Minivans were often thought to be too heavy to be good plug in hybrid options. Despite this, the Pacifica has claimed 82 MPGe and tested in at 67 MPGe. The combined range of 520 miles is fantastic for a hybrid and exceeds most other plug in hybrids. As a nice touch, there’s also an electric only range of 32 miles. For a family hauler, this means that it can often get those quick trips to school completed without using any gasoline. The savings at the pump get passed on to the family instead!  

New vs Used

There are some pretty good used Chryslers out there for people who may wish to avoid buying a new vehicle. Used Pacificas are certainly good vehicles, though hard to come by due to their recency. The discounted Chrysler 200 was a really refined vehicle before the end. The only thing it lacks in comparison to its big brother 300 is some overall size.