To call the new 2019 Mini Cooper anything but a full package is disrespectful, as everyone's favorite "small but mighty" zippy hatch is back and better than ever, featuring new designs aesthetically and in performance that set it apart from other vehicles in its class.

While the success of the Mini Cooper has been widespread since its reintroduction by BMW in the early 2000's with the two-door Cooper and Cooper S, the brand continues to make a defined vision for itself, combining ultimate design customization coupled with gripping driveability that provide for that magical Mini experience. To understand the incredible changes being delivered with the new rollout of 2019 Mini Coopers, one must first go back in time and examine those which came before the current lineup of Mini vehicles, also known as the F series.

History of the Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper as a brand has been around since the mid 20th century, mostly being featured in the United Kingdom after several fuel crises, and became an icon in British racing and rallying. From 1959 up to the year 2000, Mini went through a variety of changes that ultimately brought it to where it sits today, owned and produced by BMW but going under the moniker of "Mini". Since then, it has won awards and found success in many markets present in both hemispheres, winning many awards both in the United States and also in many European companies, ranging in categories from "Car of the Year" by the North American International Auto Show, to "Das Goldene Lenkrad", or "Car of the Year" in Germany in 2006. Coming in several different models, the Mini Cooper began its life in 2000 as the Cooper or Cooper S, and featured a convertible option, as well as a supercharged version with six gears. Another model was the John Cooper Works S option, featuring increased displacement, bigger wheels, and tighter suspension. Since 2000, several different lines of Minis have come to be, from small sized crossovers such as the Clubman, all the way to the full-sized Countryman, offering a large base of cars for any consumer to get excited about. Since their reissue, Mini has made a name for itself to never sell the same car twice, allowing for extreme factory customization and optioning that the brand is known for.

Changes in the Mini Lineup for 2019

The 2019 lineup of Mini Coopers are built on the F series platform of chassis, featuring several offerings of drivetrain packages including a six-speed gearing option, a turbocharged motor, and also a John Cooper Works performance package as well. While there are not many changes to the drivetrain of the vehicle, there is an upgrade to the transmission, featuring an automatic DCT 7 speed transmission, combining dual-clutch technology for lightning fast shifts. The real tweaks come in the design and appearance of the car, as customization is at an all time high. The 2019 Cooper model comes with a new emblem logo, and also comes with lighting options as well, such as LED headlights and British Union Jack Flag LED tail lights. Arriving with the 2019 lineup are several new color options, new leather upholstery color options, Apple carplay, and an updated 8.8 inch navigation display unit. One of the most unique features that Mini offers is the Mini Yours Customized program, allowing customers to 3D print any design of their choosing to the dashboard. Combined with the passion for excellence that the Mini and BMW brand possess, the 2019 line of Mini Coopers will feature more advanced technology than ever combined with the traditional driving experience that all Mini drivers have come to know.