Volvo continues to be one of the most evolutionary vehicle brands in the world. Their insistence on safety was ahead of the game. Their current model lineup for 2019 seems like the bridge from their current style to the future.

Unlike many others, Volvo has completely embraced the plug in hybrid and electric revolution. Their belief in looking forward technologically has worked before and it seems like it will again. All of their vehicles come with multiple powertrains with hybrid options heavily featured. Volvo has previously announced their goal is to phase out fully gasoline engines. The future is bright at Volvo. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Volvo S60

Specifications: $36,795+ - 24-36 mpg - 316 hp

Review: While Volvo is known for their safety, that’s not the only thing that modern Volvo cars are about. It does still have lane assist and adaptive cruise control. However, it also has future tech like semi-autonomous driving. The S60 has a clean look both inside and out. It uses high quality materials on the inside to ensure that comfort is at a premium. Like most Volvos, it has plug in hybrid options which increase the power. It even has a T8 Polestar trim which has a 415 horsepower engine.

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Volvo S90

Specifications: $49,095+ - 24-34 mpg - 316 hp

Review: If you’re looking for a vehicle that smells of sophistication, get your nose ready, because the S90 delivers a beautiful bouquet. Like the S60, the S90 comes in various trims and also includes the plug in hybrid versions. It also has a gorgeous panoramic sunroof. Like other Volvo models, autonomous driving and emergency braking are included.

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Volvo V60

Specifications: $37,145+ - 25-36 mpg - 362 hp

Review: Volvo station wagons are recognized and renowned worldwide for their reliability. The V60 has many of the same offerings as the S60, but provides more convenience for the driver. It also has the Cross Country version, which increases the ground clearance and adds a set of skid plates. This makes the V60 Cross Country a great option for some light off road work.

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Volvo V90

Specifications: $50,945+ - 24-34 mpg - 316 hp

Review: The V90 is a fantastic vehicle for any family who likes to live classy. It features all of the Volvo comfort and safety, as well as good performance. The V90 also has the Cross Country version. The high ground clearance and improved interior certainly justify spending a bit more on it.

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Volvo XC40

Specifications: $34,695+ - 23-33 mpg - 248 hp

Review: Volvo has embraced the crossover revolution. The XC40 is the smallest of the three options that Volvo has released. The XC40 is loaded with features, including a big 9 inch touchscreen and Apple Carplay/Android Auto. The XC40 has some quirky appearance touches as well. People can choose the white roof option that comes with some distinctive white wheels. The two tone Volvo is very much not traditional “boring” Volvo.

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Volvo  XC60

Specifications: $42,495+ - 22-28 mpg - 316 hp

Review: Another refined offering, the XC60 is a great vehicle on almost every level. It features multiple trims from the T5 up to the T8. The inside is loaded with features to create a high level of comfort. While the hybrid option does come with 400 horsepower, it’s a responsible kind of horsepower. The handling is comfortable, but nothing to take advantage of the engine.

Volvo  XC90

Specifications: $47,895+ - 22-29 mpg - 316 hp

Review: The XC90 thumbs it’s nose at the German competition it routinely is compared to. The XC90 has plenty of space and can fit 7 people. The XC90 is loaded with all the features Volvo offers. The only downside is that it may not feature quite as many ultra luxury features that some of the ultra-luxury vehicles from other companies. However it comes in at half the price, and at the price point, it’s hard to beat.