When it comes to American companies, sometimes Chevrolet doesn’t get the credit they deserve. As the biggest brand of General Motors, Chevrolet has often been the location of great innovation and rugged reliability.

Just looking at the Chevy Silverado shows what Chevrolet is capable of.

2019 marks an important year for the Chevrolet brand. Chevrolet has continued to embrace the electric vehicle market and it seems like they will continue to do so. The rest of their lineup is mostly made up of smart, utilitarian vehicles that people can count on. That is of course, aside from their venerable muscle and sports cars! Check out what Chevrolet is brewing up in 2019. This year’s product line truly has something for everyone. All statistics are for the 2019 model year, unless not available, in which case 2018 was used.

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Chevrolet Blazer

Specifications: $TBD - TBD mpg - 305 hp

Review: After many years away, say hello to the return of the Chevrolet Blazer. The Blazer was a longtime sport utility offered by Chevrolet and many people were sad when it was discontinued. The reimagined Blazer is going to be coming out with a whole host of technological advances the old one was lacking. For convenience, 4G LTE Wi-Fi will be available. It will also have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Two engine options will be available. A fairly fuel efficient 193 hp four cylinder and a more beefy 305 hp V6. A nine speed automatic will be standard and all wheel drive will come as an option. The Blazer is expected to start popping up in showrooms in early 2019, so be ready!

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Chevrolet Bolt EV

Specifications: $37,495+ - 96 MPGe - 200 hp

Review: The Bolt is the second and more interesting of Chevrolets two electric vehicles. The Bolt EV has enough pep in it’s step to even make people pause when they consider Tesla’s. Great acceleration is achieved from a 200 hp electric motor. Range is solid at around 190 miles moving at highway speeds. Tech is of course included with a big 10.2 inch touchscreen and driver digital gauges.

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Chevrolet Camaro

Specifications: $25,995+ - 20-30 mpg - 252 hp

Review:  The Camaro provides some proper fun to the Chevy lineup. It comes with three different engines, a V8, V6 and turbocharged 4. The obvious choice may seem like the V8, but the turbo 4 pushes some really impressive power through and can get the Camaro from 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. Wi-Fi and the typical Car Audio options are standard. Extra safety features are all options unfortunately. For people really looking for some power, the answer has to be the Camaro ZL1. Yes, the price jumps to start over $62,000, but a 650 horsepower supercharged V8 lets you outrun those creditors chasing after you for payments! The ZL1 has both coupe and convertible options.

Chevrolet Colorado

Specifications: $23,495+ - 20-26 mpg - 308 hp

Review: When people think of Chevy trucks, they usually think of the Silverado. However, many people need to give that a second thought and look at the Chevrolet Colorado. The Colorado is a bit smaller, but it can do absolutely anything and everything a truck driver needs. The Colorado offers 5 different trims, so prices can rise quickly from the relatively enjoyable base price. What helps the Colorado stand apart is that its V6 is both powerful and fuel efficient. A nice trick to manage. The downside is that unlike many other pickups, the interior feels a bit cheap. Others are rolling luxury barges, but the Colorado can’t match up there.  

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Chevrolet Corvette

Specifications: $56,590+ - 16-25 mpg - 460 hp

Review: Since the first Corvette rolled off the production line, America has been in love with it. The Corvette has highlighted what Chevrolet can do for years. The 2019 is essentially unchanged from 2018 because there was almost no reason to make changes. It’s an almost perfect sports car. The “base” Corvette features 460 horsepower, but also feels great to drive on real roads, not just tracks. The Z06 and ZR1 models do look better and have more power (650hp and 755hp respectively). Corvette interiors have always focused on the driver. Amenities are less for any passenger who is accompanying that lucky driver. Every model of the Corvette manages to compete with cars $50,000 to $100,000 more expensive and come out looking like a champion. Definitely one of the best vehicles of 2019.

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Chevrolet Cruze

Specifications: $18,870+ - 31-47 mpg - 153 hp

Review: The Cruze continues to fight for attention in a very packed segment. Afterall, it’s always tough to oust the Civic or Golf from people’s minds. However, the Cruze is doing a pretty good job. It offers lots of space (especially in the trunk) while being comfortable and having good features. The infotainment system is especially good for a vehicle of this size. The downside is that the power options aren’t all that exhilarating. IT can feel a tough underpowered and sluggish in corners. These are faults those aforementioned compact giants don’t have. Despite this, the Cruze is a solid vehicle for efficient people.

Chevrolet Equinox

Specifications: $24,995+ - 28-39 mpg - 252 hp

Review: The Equinox is a great car for the right person. It’s full of driver assist safety features and a beautiful infotainment system. The fuel efficiency is great for a car this size and there’s room for anything. However, when it comes time to put the pedal down, things can be rough. The standard 4 cylinder only manages a paltry 9.4 second 0-60 time. There is also a turbocharged 4 cylinder available as well, but it’s still not going to light up tracks any time. Solid, stable and practical are the words that mark the Equinox in 2019.

Chevrolet Impala

Specifications: $28,770+ - 22-30 mpg - 305 hp

Review: The Impala got some nice upgrades in 2019. The optional V6 gives it some verve and the ride mixes comfort and handling nicely for a vehicle of this size. The interior is naturally roomy and well appointed. Like many other Chevy vehicles, the Impala includes Wi-Fi hotspot capability and a beautiful touchscreen infotainment system. Overall, people can do a lot worse than picking up an Impala.

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Chevrolet Malibu

Specifications: $22,965+ - 29-36 mpg - 250 hp

Review: The Malibu tends to do for the mid size class what the Impala does for full size. It offers impressive styling and a great blend of ride with handling. It gives plenty of room to allow people to feel comfortable inside. One downside is that most of the safety technology is only available on the higher trim levels For those afraid of fuel efficiency, a hybrid option is there as well.

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Chevrolet Silverado

Specifications: $29,795+ - 17-22 mpg - 310 hp

Review: The Silverado continues to be one of the most sought after trucks on the market. The 1500 model that most people consider offers 6 different engine options. There’s not going to be a job that it can’t be equipped for. Towing is ample and the interior is comfortable with smooth handling. When it’s time for tougher jobs, look no further than the Silverado 2500HD and Silverado 3500HD. These heavy duty pickups have been built to pull obscene amounts of cargo. The 3500HD can tow up to 23,000 pounds! It also has a payload capacity of 7153 pounds! The Heavy Duty models tend to only have V8 engine options, but that’s understandable. The only downside to the Silverado is that the interior isn’t quite as attractive.

Chevrolet Sonic

Specifications: $16,170+ - 28-37 mpg - 138 hp

Review: Efficiency is the name of the game with the Sonic. Fuel efficiency is strong, while maintaining at least a little spark of enjoyment while driving. Rather than the base 4, the 1.4 liter turbo 4 can get the sonic moving enough that a little fun can be had. The sonic does have the benefit of being available as both a hatchback and as a sedan. The infotainment system has access to features that typically are only available on more expensive models.

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Chevrolet Spark

Specifications: $13,925+ - 30-39 mpg - 98 hp

Review: For people looking for the absolute minimum in a car, the Spark is the way to go. Except, you don’t get the minimum with the Spark! It optionally includes lane departure and collision warning systems. In fact, 4G LTE Wi-Fi is standard! Yes it only has 98 horsepower. Yes, the 0-60 time is 10.8 seconds. However, for people driving on a budget, it’s kind of a magnificent little vehicle.

Chevrolet Suburban

Specifications: $51,495+ - 16-23 mpg - 355 hp

Review: Going from the Spark to the Suburban on this list is a bit of a shock. The Suburban does what it always has. It provides huge room to large families at the expense of fuel economy. In 2019, the fuel economy is bad, but not an abomination like some previous models were in the past. Seating for 9 is something not seen in other vehicles. The storage space is huge even before the rear seats get folded down. The Suburban knows it’s role, and it delivers.

Chevrolet Tahoe

Specifications: $48,795+ - 16-23 mpg - 355 hp

Review: While not as big as the Suburban, the Tahoe still provides plenty of size for it’s occupants. In addition, the Tahoe is bombarded with luxury and high tech features. Lane assist and collision warning are a natural. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as well. The Tahoe even has a whopping 7 USB ports as well as 6 power outlets. An entire family can all be working on individual laptops while they are charging. While the standard comes with 355 hp and rear wheel drive, those can be updated to all wheel drive and a 420 hp V8.

Chevrolet Traverse

Specifications: $31,125+ - 20-27 mpg - 310 hp

Review: Chevrolet just redesigned the Traverse in 2018, so not a whole lot has changed for 2019. The big change was making the Traverse look more like a sport utility rather than the old version which distinctly screamed “minivan” at the rafters. The traverse comes with a solid V6 and plenty of space. The cabin is refined and has upgrades that can push it into truly being “plush”. Unlike many crossovers, human adults can fit in the third row.

Chevrolet Trax

Specifications: $21,995+ - 25-33 mpg - 138 hp

Review: Small crossovers are supposed to be fun bundles of vehicle. The Trax hints at this with the name, but doesn’t really deliver what’s suggested. The 138 horsepower engine doesn’t provide enough juice to get a 0-60 mph time better than 9.3 seconds. The Trax is filled with standard tech like WiFi, infotainment, etc. However, it’s just a very “safe” pick.

Chevrolet Volt

Specifications: $24,465+ - 42-43 mpg - 149 hp

Review: The Volt is a surprisingly fun and agile mostly electric vehicle. When talking about pure electric range, the Volt can manage about 55-60 miles before the electric motors will kick on and start charging the batteries. The Volt has enough power to keep things interesting and strong handling. Charge times can be a bit slow depending on the type of charger being used. The worst is a 120V charger, which will require 13 hours to fully charge a Volt.