Hybrid vehicles are here to stay. While they may not be the answer to our fuel needs, they are certainly a good bridge to where we need to get to.

Hybrids allow us to have better fuel economy and save our money when it comes to having to fill up. Gasoline prices are only going to get higher as we continue to use it up, so being cognizant of the need for better fuel economy will be crucial to our financial well being. Each year hybrids are getting better and more affordable. As we continue on, hybrids will no longer be the exception, but will become the norm on the roads.

2018 Toyota Prius - 44 MPG - $27,600

The Prius continues to be one of the biggest names in hybrids. They were one of the first and most people feel that the Prius defines hybrid vehicles. The Prius V gets a very solid 44 mpg, but also provides a large amount of room. The wagon version gives you more cargo space than many a sport utility vehicle or crossover. While it’s not powerful, that’s not its main goal. The first job is to be respectful of your wallet when at the gas pumps.

2018 Ford C-Max - 39 MPG - $25,100

The 2018 Ford C-Max is in theory a great car. However the announced fuel economy wasn’t as good as what was occurring during testing. This makes for an interesting question. If your fuel economy of the hybrid isn’t as good as the fuel economy of the traditional engine, why would you purchase the slower, clunkier hybrid? The C-Max can run entirely on electric energy as well, however that only works for approximately 20 miles. It’s not even enough for a decent inner city commute and a trip to the grocery store.

2018 Kia Niro - 52 MPG - $23,800

The 2018 Kia Niro does a good job of combining convenience with economical performance. It gets good fuel economy for a hybrid, but it also gives you the convenience of a company crossover. There’s lots of room in the vehicle and the seat position gives drivers a commanding view of the road. Unlike some crossovers, the Niro lets you pick up safety features like lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring if you want to pay for those extra options.,

2018 Hyundai Ioniq - 54 MPG - $23,100

The Ioniq shares a lot with the Kia Niro. While they share the same platform, they do also have some differences. The Ioniq comes in both standard hybrid and plug in hybrid. The standard hybrid has a 104 horsepower gasoline engine and a 43 horsepower electric engine. Conversely the plug in hybrid gets a 60 horsepower electric engine since it will be running on pure electric energy more than the standard one will. The plug in can also recharge the battery 80 percent in 23 minutes! Yes this needs a DC fast charging station, but that’s still mighty impressive!

2018 Chevrolet Volt - 53 MPG - $34,100

A lot of people know the Volt as an electric car, but the 2018 version is really a plug in hybrid. The Volt offers a solid 53 mile range if you choose to run it in all electric mode, but the gasoline motor will charge it up nicely after that. The Volt itself isn’t a huge car, but the fact it’s smaller means that the 149 horsepower generated actually makes it feel pretty fun. It accelerates at a decent pace and is frisky in the corners.  It may be listed as 5 seats, but don’t try that unless the three in the back are moderate to small children.

2018 Lexus CT - 43 MPG - $32,300

The Lexus CT looks suspiciously like a rebadged and cosmetically changed Prius. That’s probably because it is. The CT is essentially a rebadged and re-tuned Prius. It features the same hybrid engine which means it is just as slow as the Prius. The one plus side is the Lexus tuning to the suspension makes it feel more responsive and it handles more enjoyably and responsively in corners.