Mileage tracking apps are handy, simple and stress reducing tools for both personal and business use. Once a mileage tracking app is downloaded on a phone, the app can usually be set to automatically track mileage as soon as the vehicle begins moving.

This handy feature can eliminate the need to remember to record mileage during each drive. Routine errands spread across town can be reviewed and reorganized for more efficient use of time and fuel by viewing the mileage logs. There are so many varied reasons to track mileage including tax deductions, recording mileage for business expense logs, and for simply keeping track of your miles per gallon costs. For as many varied reasons for tracking mileage, there are just as many free apps available.

What is a Mileage Tracker?

A Mileage Tracker is an app that enables the user to record and log each mile driven, thus eliminating the need to manually log the drive. Mileage tracking apps can simplify the process for its users. Most smartphones now include a GPS and mileage trackers work with the GPS to record mileage. These handy apps can be customized to allow a person to log each mile according to the purpose for the drive. Most apps can also be opened on a desktop computer and the user can then review the log before submitting reports. Accessing this information on a larger screen can also provide the user a way to review the route and make any changes needed for future use. Mileage Trackers are indeed one of the most convenient and efficient tools available for tracking miles.

Why Do People Use Mileage Trackers?

Mileage Tracker apps have proven quite helpful when tracking miles as it is often essential for business reimbursements. Many tax deductions and business expenses rely on accurate mileage logs. Since mileage trackers provide automatic tracking that engages when a vehicle is in motion, the user can forego the frustration of forgetting to record mileage in a paper log. Because these mileage tracker apps are customizable, expenses such as parking and toll fees can also be recorded, making accounting that much easier. These apps provide the convenience of quickly sorting personal miles from business miles at the time of the drive or afterwards on a web based dashboard when preparing an expense and mileage report. Convenient accurate daily reports make mileage trackers almost a necessity.

Best Free Mileage Tracking Apps

  • Everlance: This app is completely automatic and complies with IRS regulations for mileage logs and it connects with payment cards to connect expenses and receipts. Classifying mileage as to work or personal can be done from the app or from a web-based dashboard.
  • Stride Tax-Mileage Tracker: Stride was developed with the self-employed in mind. It tracks miles along with expenses such as cell phone and car wash bills. There is no need to separate personal miles from business miles. When a vehicle begins moving, the app reminds you to start it if this is a business drive.
  • MileIQ: An app is easily customized to fit the needs of the user and helps avoid common errors of paper record keeping. Its editing feature makes it easy to edit in bulk so there is no need to review daily.
  • TaxBot: Taxbot actually displays each trip with a map showing the route driven along with the address. It will also send reminders of any additional information needed to comply with tax laws.