Most drivers lose their keys at least once in their lifetimes. Some people react to the problem with panic, most people remain calm, but others go to the extreme of ordering replacement keys.

Meanwhile, the lost key is still floating around in an open environment. Fortunately, there are different tools and strategies available to help anyone find lost car keys. Companies are making wireless, handheld products that are designed with special radar technology and sounds. When none of these solutions work, there are places that allow people to make replacement car keys within an hour or less. Today's technology has virtually eliminated the problem of being frustrated with lost keys. Learning more about the tools and techniques available is important to resolve the common problem of lost keys.

Where to Look for Lost Keys

There are a few, common places where people lose their car keys. Usually, keys are lost in places that people have visited before, such as living rooms, bedrooms, garages and kitchens. The first step is to write down a list of places that have been visited in the last 24 hours.

Sometimes, keys fall into dark, hidden places and are harder to find. These include the spaces in between car seats and couches. Many items are known to fall behind couches or tables and remain hidden for years without anyone knowing. When this happens, it's necessary to use assistance to find the keys.

Applications to Help Find Lost Keys

For people who frequently lose car keys, there are applications that are designed to locate them. Nowadays, people use smartphone apps that are connected to keychains. Using this app, an alert is sent to the keychain that rings and shows the owner where it is.

These applications work on some smartphones, such as Apple and Android devices, but not on other types. Some apps require the use of Bluetooth signals that connect to the app and send data about the keys' location. This works only when the phone is within the signal range of the Bluetooth device, which varies from 100 to 200 feet.

If it's not possible to use a smartphone app, a wireless key finder is available. It's designed to find a multitude of lost keys using a remote control device. There is one transmitter and one or more receivers that are attached to different objects. After pressing a button, the receiver beeps loud enough for the owner to find the lost item. The devices are equipped with lights that turn on and assist in the search.

The wireless key finder works to find lost keys, purses or wallets. The technology works only within a specific signal range. Walking around the house is necessary to find the lost item, but it may be unnecessary to look in different places.

Where to Get Replacement Keys Made

The locksmith is the first place to get replacement keys. Some locksmiths require that customers bring certain documents to authenticate the process. Showing proof of vehicle ownership is the first step. Car owners may have to show their registration papers along with their license and vehicle identification number. Customers should also take precautions by contacting licensed locksmiths only.

The dealership where the car was bought is another source for replacement keys. Some dealers can make a new set of keys on location, and it may need to be programmed for the car to start. To prevent additional problems, the car owner may request a smart key.

There are recommended steps to take when looking for lost car keys. Finding these keys is more important than making a replacement. Replacing every item that gets lost is wasteful of money and does not solve the problem. It's more important to use effective tools and techniques to locate lost keys.