It’s been said that during life, people should never stop learning. Different people take this to mean different things. Some assume it means to keep learning new things outside of their realm of experience.

Some people want to learn new things in areas where they already specialize. But where many people fail is re-learning skills they may have let atrophy as they have aged or moved on. One area where many people could benefit in re-learning skills is behind the wheel.

It’s rare for people as they age to consider a driving school. However, many probably should. Changes to vehicles introduce new driving techniques and an updated set of driver skills. For example, not many people consider the need for enhanced vigilance due to the lack of noise from electric cars. There is a wide variety of driving skills that can be enhanced at driving schools throughout the nation.

Beginner Driving Skills

There are many thousands of adults who have never driven before. Many people living in large cities quite simply don’t see the need to. They are quite easily able to get around using their feet, public transportation and some alternative options.

However, when the time comes to learn the basics of driving skills, there are many driving schools available. Driving school is typically broken up into several different sections. The first step in getting a license is a written test to get a learner’s permit. Typically this will have basic rules of the road. While this may seem like common sense, some of the answers can be very specific. Driving schools will assist in preparation for this test.

People working on their license will need to pass a driving test as well. After attending a driving school, anyone should have the beginner driving skills they need to be safe drivers. Some of the things likely to be covered will be:

  • Smooth changes of speed
  • Specifics of Residential Driving
  • Proper positioning of all mirrors and of self in a seat
  • Parking (uphill, downhill, parallel, etc…)
  • Turning

There is also many more skills that will be developed. Most people will not undergo this training more than once in their lifetime. The truth is that it could be useful however. Many people overlook or forget many of the basics. It can add up to unsafe driving.

Advanced Driving Skills

Advanced driving is a great idea for anyone who’s interested in keeping themselves and their passengers safe in a car. Some people think of advanced driving as something for people hoping to race and go fast. The truth is that knowing the techniques and timing of racers can allow normal people to drive safely.

Advanced driving schools can use standard or modified cars. One of the most clever methods of keeping advanced driving safe is modified vehicles which only have a small part of the tire touching the ground. This can easily replicate the way a vehicle would behave during a skid at high speeds, while staying at safer speeds. Advanced driving skills learned during this would include wet braking with both anti lock and standard brakes. It would also include gravel braking in a similar way. Many slalom courses will work to help people do a better job of safe switching of lanes during heavy braking, replicating potential freeway situations.

Advanced driving schools across the country vary in price. Typically, defensive driving is the least expensive, while performance classes are the most expensive. The range will often run between $200 and $1000 for single day or weekend courses.

Special Driving Skills

There are many people who may struggle somewhat with driving for other reasons. This is where special driving skills can be taught. Typically, driving schools will have special classes for people in these situations.

One of the most common special situations is people suffering from anxiety. A motor vehicle is certainly one place that an anxiety attack is going to be potentially dangerous. These classes will teach drivers to control their anxiety while driving and proper techniques if they feel they are unable to do so.