Are you looking for a way to boost the security of your car? Or maybe you are concerned about letting your newly licensed teen borrow the keys? Fortunately, vehicle GPS tracking has become more affordable thanks to a constant stream of competitively priced devices. Keep reading to find out more about the top selling GPS trackers for cautious car owners.

Spy Tec

Known for its superior accuracy, the Spy Tec GPS tracker offers real time data so you can see the exact location of your car. As a matter of fact, you can view this location on Google maps and alert the authorities of your vehicle gets stolen. This device can also store up to one year of data so you can monitor driving behavior over a period of time. Spy Tec’s vehicle GPS tracking system has an extensive battery life as well and can last approximately two weeks without shutting down. You can also upgrade your plan to increase the frequency of location updates. You can even receive speed alerts, a feature that parents typically find useful when their kids begin to drive.


If you want to go incognito, the Trackmate GPS device is inexpensive and has a reputation as one of the best hidden tracking devices on the market. It can be placed on the interior or exterior of your car, and a convenient backup battery comes with the hardwired system. Unlike some vehicle GPS tracking options, you do not need to pay a fee to activate this device, and it offers features that are comparable to other brands. Updates occur every three seconds, and you can manage more than one vehicle from one remote location. Although the Trackmate can only store 180 days of data, you can still keep on eye on traffic conditions and neighborhood alerts.


For a tracking system that can perform anywhere, Ablegrid requires no monthly service charge, but you do need to pay a small fee to use you sim card on the network. The battery is reported to last 96 hours for the Ablegrid vehicle GPS tracking device, and you will be notified when the charge gets low. No matter where you are, it will pick up on weak signals, and you won’t have to worry about interference due to bad weather. For emergency situations, the Ablegrid is also equipped with an SOS button and two quick-dial presets.

SPOT Trace

According to reviews, the SPOT Trace car tracker gives you the best value with top of the line features at a reasonable price. The battery life for this device has been known to exceed 30 days, so you can rest easily whether your car is parked in a public garage or outside of your home. You can also use the Spot Trace vehicle GPS tracking system to locate your car in a crowded lot or as a safeguard for travel bags and luggage. You can even buy rechargeable batteries to save money on long-term monitoring.


In terms of flexibility, Linxup is one of the leading tracking devices available for personal and professional use. You can choose between a hardwired system or a plugin model that is designed to fit conveniently into the OBD port of your vehicle, and users have access to unlimited emails and text notifications throughout the day. For company fleets, the Linxup is also highly discrete, making it ideal as a vehicle GPS tracking system for employees. Every 60 seconds, your data will be refreshed to reflect real time coordinates, and you can share your monitoring duties with a family member or colleague.


For a portable device that does not require a lot of setup, Vectu has a web-friendly tracker that works in almost every country. In addition to international use, the administration portal can be accessed through a secure mobile application that is connected to the serial number on each device. Once you have created an account, you can customize your plan, add contacts or manage your alerts.

In the end, these vehicle GPS tracking systems are recommended for car owners to lower theft rates and promote good driving habits. All you have to do is set a budget and prioritize your must-have features before purchasing a GPS locator. By installing a personalized tracking device, you can spend more time focusing on life instead of worrying about your car.