Did you know that driving with a cracked windshield might prevent your airbag from properly deploying? You may think that a cracked windshield is just an annoying cosmetic problem and that the only danger of driving with a damaged windshield is the possibility of getting a ticket.

This is simply not true. Driving with a cracked windshield can actually pose a huge safety hazard for drivers and their passengers. The windshield is one of the most important aspects of a cars structural integrity. By reading on, you can learn more about getting your windshield repaired and replaced as well as about the costs associated with such a repair.

Stone Chips and Cracks: Which Ones Can Be Fixed?

Stone chips and cracks are all potential hazards to your vehicle and should be repaired as quickly as is feasibly possible. Repairing a small chip is much less of a hassle then having to go through the ordeal of getting your windshield completely replaced. A general rule of thumb is that windshield damage that is smaller than a dollar bill can often be repaired without need a full replacement. If the crack in your windshield has stretched much larger than the size of a dollar bill, this probably means that it is time to get your windshield completely replaced.

That being said, don't delay in getting your windshield repaired. A small chip can turn into a large crack or a shattered windshield very quickly when there is too much pressure applied to the glass. This means that timely, preventative, fixes are better and more cost effective than major replacements. 

Where to Get my Windshield Fixed

When it comes to getting your windshield repaired or replaced, you have a variety of different options. Are you having a hard time choosing between a garage, dealership, or speciality shop? This overview might help you be guided to making the best decision for you and your vehicle.

Local Garage

Getting your windshield repaired or replaced at a local garage could lead to huge savings. However, you may not be able to know if a local business or garage has the same skill-set as what you might be able to find at a speciality auto shop or dealership location. While a garage can mean huge savings, you should always be careful before giving your insurance information out to anyone and search for reviews online before choosing your garage.


  • potentially eligible for huge savings and discounts
  • may be eligible for cash back bonuses in some cases
  • quick & easy windshield replacement


  • you will have to drive your vehicle to the garage in most cases
  • might be more likely to get caught up with insurance scammers


Choosing a dealership is usually the best choice for getting your windshield replaced if your vehicle is covered under a warranty. In other cases, a dealership might be one of the more expensive options. Taking your vehicle back to the dealership guarantees that the right installation and correct parts will be used to repair your vehicle. You can trust that your car is in good hands.


  • no one knows your car better than the manufacturer
  • replacement could fall under your car's warranty
  • access to skilled professionals and established automotive technicians


  • can be most expensive choice if you do not have a warranty on your vehicle

Speciality Shop

Taking your vehicle to a speciality shop could mean that you don't even have to go anywhere to get your windshield replacement. Many companies that specialize in auto glass repair and replacement services have vehicles and technicians that can come to you. These allow you to get your windshield replaced hassle-free.


  • technicians can come to you
  • potential eligibility for rebates
  • can be covered by some insurance


  • be aware of scammers and inexperienced technicians

Cost of Windshield Repairs & Replacements

Did you know that you could potentially get paid to get your windshield replaced or have it done absolutely cost free? A deductible replacement on your windshield from an auto glass repair and replacement company might mean receiving up to $300 cash back. In other cases, getting your windshield replaced might be completely covered by your insurance company. Search for skilled technicians in your area or head on over to your local dealership to get the best deals on windshield replacements.

Note: Please be mindful of potential insurance scams. Do not give your insurance information to anyone other than a trusted repair shop or dealership. You can verify the validity of a repair shop by looking for an online presence or searching for reviews online.