Every year cars seem to get better and better and the 2018 Camry is no exception. It boasts new features which makes it a quality vehicle while still being an economically sound  purchase.

It has exceptionally high gas mileage and a sleek exterior allowing for lower wind resistance and a very sporty design. The vehicle comes with several safety features, including the Standard Toyota Safety Sense P to reduce collisions and Birds Eye View camera which helps make parking a breeze. It also comes with lane departure assist, giving you greater control in preventing your car from veering into the next lane. Its new insanely bright LED lights allow for a much safer night drive without sacrificing the sight of oncoming vehicles. In addition to the hybrid option, the 2018 Toyota Camry maintains its status of being a competitive mid-sized vehicle.

Top Features Of The 2018 Toyota Camry

Exterior Design:

As the future progresses, so does the design of the basic car. The Toyota Camry’s smoothed exterior is powerfully built and extremely satisfying to look at. The simple curvature and built in rear spoiler allows it to drastically cut down on drag, giving it higher performance.

Thes front sports mesh gives it a great stylish structure to the car’s chassis. An all new sporty dual exhaust further adds to it's powerful apparatus. As another amazing improvement, the car now comes with bi-LED headlights allowing for a more powerful blast of light during your nighttime expeditions. Also the rear LED lights fit in perfectly with the rest of the car for the continuous seamless flow throughout the new Camry design. If you want a new car with a sporty and stylish design, the 2018 Toyota Camry is a great choice.

Standard Toyota Safety Sense P:

The all new 2018 comes with Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P) standard. The TSS-P comes with built-in cameras and radar which allows your car to detect both pedestrians and any car which is right in front of you. It comes with alarms and audio which will alert you to help avoid any collisions.

Another great safety feature of the TSS-P is if you don't break in time it will do it automatically to help reduce the chances of collisions of any vehicle in front of you. The Car also comes with a lane departure system that features steering assistance. If you're traveling 32 mph or faster the car’s sensors will be on the lookout for when you start to veer off into another lane. It will make the appropriate adjustments so you stay in your lane. It also features Automatic High Beams as well as a Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system. 


The new Camry is a great car to take out for a joyride. You get two choices for your engines: a 3.5 liter V6 engine or a 2.5 four cylinder. It also comes with MacPherson front suspension and the all new double wishbone style multi-link suspension for the rear. These new features allow for sharper handling. The new Camry also comes with an originally produced Direct Shift 8-Speed Automatic with improved acceleration from a stopped position. It also comes comes with the all new 3 mode driver switch which features ECO, Normal & Sport modes allowing for the more superbly outfitted drive for each driver. Best of all, it has ratings of up to 41 MPG researched by the EPA.


Besides the great safety features of the all new Toyota Camry, it also has many newly integrated tech features which allows for an even better drive. It comes with a Birds Eye View Camera which scans the exterior boundaries of the car, allowing for greater parking capabilities. It also features an Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Rear Cross-Traffic Breaking, giving you the opportunity to detect nearby obstacles and a chance to automatically slow down your speed and use the breaks. Never miss a moment on your social media, thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi Connect via Verizon. You can now connect up to 5 devices on your car.

Hybrid Features:

Your car is now a hybrid machine. It comes with the efficiency of the Dynamic Force Engine, standard on the 2018 model which also helps increase the Camry’s acceleration with quicker reaction times. Your Hybrid Car now has an estimated highway rating of 53 MPG. With its improved power and decreased fuel use, your car is now not only a sporty car but mother nature friendly. Your Hybrid’s battery has been moved, allowing for greater trunk space and reducing the weight of the previous model.