For quick errands around town or hassle-free commuting, the moped is a fun and economical mode of transportation. Coming in a variety of styles and colors, the moped is a safe and economical alternative to the traditional motorcycle.

Although often thought of as a transportation option for teens, mopeds are perfect for anyone looking for a stylish, cost-efficient means of transport. Mopeds have come a long way since first hitting the market in the 1900s. The first mopeds actually came with bicycle pedals as well as motors. This allowed riders to add additional power when accelerating or climbing hills. For those worried about breaking a sweat, have no fear, mopeds today rely solely on engine power, making accelerating and navigating hills easy and effortless. Keep reading to learn more about mopeds and explore options for those looking to buy or sell.

Difference Between a Moped and Motorcycle

For those looking for an easy and fun way to get around their city or town, the moped is a smart economical choice over a traditional motorcycle. Mopeds have smaller engines than motorcycles, typically 100 cc or less. CC stands for “cubic centimeters” and generally refers to the size of the engine and therefore how much power an engine has. Motorcycle engines, by comparison, have bigger engines, resulting in more power and speed. The top speed for most mopeds is no more than 28 mph. This makes them perfect for traveling within city or town limits. The smaller engine size of the moped, although low on speed, is offset by fuel savings. Mopeds typically average in the range of 100 miles per gallon. In comparison, an average motorcycle might get 30 to 40 miles per gallon. Another difference between mopeds and motorcycles is that mopeds are generally automatic shift models, meaning changing gears is not necessary and making them easier to operate.

Tips for Buying a New or Used Moped

Whether a person is in the market for a new or used moped, it is essential to do some research before purchasing. Using the internet to do this makes comparing options a breeze. Checking listings from local sellers can give buyers an idea of the types of models available and pricing. This can also help buyers determine what model, engine size, color and other features appeal to them. If buying a used moped, here are a few additional things to consider:

  • Visually inspect the moped for wear and tear on tires, mirrors, seat, lights, and dashboard.
  • Make sure all lights and dash gauges are working properly.
  • Ask if the moped has been stored outside or inside.
  • Ensure that the price is reflective of the age and overall condition of the moped.
  • Ask about the service history for scheduled maintenance and any repairs.

If buying a new or used moped, always take a test ride. This will determine if the moped is a good fit and feels comfortable to drive. This is also essential when buying a used moped to make sure it is operating smoothly and safely.

Tips for Selling Your Moped

For those looking to upgrade to a new moped or sell their old one, being prepared can help lead to a quick sale. Below are some tips to consider when preparing to sell a moped:

  • Set a reasonable price - Check local classified listings and internet sites for comparable mopeds to determine a reasonable price.
  • Make sure the moped is clean - Take the time to give the moped a thorough cleaning. This will make a good first impression on potential buyers.
  • Take care of simple repairs and maintenance - Make sure any simple, inexpensive repairs that need done are completed. Also, complete any routine maintenance to ensure the moped is in its best condition for buyers.
  • Find buyers - Search for local marketplace options to attract buyers. These might include local newspapers, on-line options, community bulletin boards or trade papers. Include a description, price and picture (if possible) in the advertisement.
  • Flexible pricing - Be prepared to negotiate on price. It is a good idea to set a price, but let buyers know that other offers will be considered. This strategy can help attract more buyers and lead to a successful sale.