Chevrolet is more than just an automobile brand. It is a leader in American history that has shaped the way people live for over 100 years. The brand was founded November 3, 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William C.

Durant, the founder of General Motors. Formally known as the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, the brand is more commonly referred to as Chevy. Over the past century, Chevy has produced stunning works of craftsmanship that set standards for the automobile industry worldwide. Here are five of the most iconic Chevrolet vehicles ever made.

The Roadster

The 1914 Royal Mail Roadster was the embodiment of everything Chevrolet with a powerful four-cylinder engine. It was even the first model to rock the classic bowtie logo. The car was priced at an affordable $750, but included luxury accessories such as a windshield and speedometer. Two decades later during the Great Depression, Chevy released the 1932 Sport Roadster. This one was priced at $450 and built with a six-cylinder engine and synchromesh transmission. Collectors consistently vote the Sport Roadster as one of the most iconic Chevrolet vehicles of all time

The Suburban

Today we have dozens of souped-up SUVs, but back in 1936 there was the Chevrolet Suburban. The purpose of this model was to increase passenger and luggage capacity in order to make travel more accessible to families. The Suburban lives on today, though modified for modern style and comfort, and continues to provide a means for large families to seek adventure.

The Pickup

After World War II, General Motors overhauled their designs and created a whole new style of iconic Chevrolet vehicles. Considered an Advanced Design, the 1948 Chevrolet Pickup became a hot sell among Americans who needed to haul large items and perform tough outside work. Farmers, appliance manufacturers and delivery servicers could not get enough of the spacious truck bed and sleek look. A new design took hold in 1967 that gave the Pickup a friendlier appeal, but still withheld the strength of the original concept. As the concept evolved, truck sales reached an all-time high with the new 1971 Cheyenne Pickup. In 1976, the Stepside Pickup was also introduced and combined modern and classic features to create a look drivers loved.

The Corvette

There is nothing quite like the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette. It was the first of Chevy’s sport cars and featured a lightweight body and V-8 engine, which quickly evolved into a racing engine by 1956. In 1963, the Corvette Sting Ray “Split-Window” was introduced and took the world by storm. Its superior engine and unique, chic design made this model popular among celebrities, astronauts and television shows. The “Split-Window” feature was unlike anything America had ever seen and quickly became the desire of car lovers. Other Corvette models that are highly rated as iconic Chevrolet vehicles are the 1989 ZR-1, dubbed the “King of the Hill,” and the 1997 Coupe, which served as inspiration for many future designs.

The Camaro

Chevy’s other bombshell sports car line started in 1969 with the Chevrolet Camaro. Evolving aluminum bodies and killer speeds made this model a classic racer and one of the top iconic Chevrolet vehicles. In 1993, Chevrolet revamped the look and structure, giving the Camaro Z28 a sleeker appearance but with the power of a Corvette. Homage must also be paid to the 2010 Camaro, which shows nostalgia for its 1969 parent model and sets a whole new stage for future generations.

Don’t Forget These Gems

Aside from the iconic Chevrolet vehicles mentioned, one can never neglect the influence of the Impala, El Camino, Chevelle, Tahoe and modern day Volt. Chevy truly drove America through 20th century and continues to ramp up its engines for decades to come.