The crossover is here to stay. People really liked the versatility of the sport utility vehicle and everything it had to offer. Well, aside from the ride.

The difficult ride is what led to the crossover. Using the chassis of a car instead of a truck when building a sport utility vehicle has led it to be the most popular growing segment.

Best Crossovers

1 - Honda CR-V

Honda just keeps putting out great cars that everyone loves. The CR-V was one of the first small sport utility vehicles and it was one of the first to switch to a crossover platform. Coming in under $25,000 for a base price, the CR-V is eminently affordable too.

2 - Mazda CX-5

When a crossover says “Zoom Zoom” you get the CX-5. Like all of their cars, Mazda infuses performance in like almost no other company. The CX-5 provides everything you could hope for in a company crossover and more! Like its main competition, the CR-V, it costs around $25,000 to start.

3 - Porsche Macan

Now we’re talking about a crossover that can really move! The Macan is a true hot rod of a crossover and gives everyone what you would want from the name Porsche. The Macan is certainly a more expensive crossover coming in starting around $49,000, but it gives you all the luxury you could hope to pack into a small crossover.

4 - Nissan Murano

The Murano gives you a gorgeous interior that you would probably expect to see in a vehicle over twice the price! Check that, it’s the kind of interior you would expect to see in a car five times the price. In addition to being plush, the interior is incredibly roomy. This makes the Murano a great vehicle for anyone with a family or who commonly makes use of the back seats.

5 - Ford Edge

Ford makes it as the first American auto maker on this list. The Edge may not have as many standard features as a lot of other vehicles in the bracket, but it has options to die for! If you really go for it, you can equip the Edge with a 315 horsepower turbocharged V6. The Edge is a surprisingly exciting crossover to drive.

6 - Kia Sportage

The Sportage delivers all around solid behavior without reaching exemplary status. The Sportage has two engine options and each gives you one aspect of driving. Unfortunately you have to decide if you’re interested in good fuel economy or good power and pick that engine.

7 - Hyundai Tucson

The Tucson is very similar to the Sportage. The only real difference between them is that the Tucson is built for better fuel economy than the Sportage and it features a really good eco driving mode. Overall a very solid crossover that retails for about $2,000 less than its closest competition.

8 - BMW X1

When it comes to luxury crossovers, the X1 is only facing off against the Macan. The Macan wins thanks to its sportier design overall. That’s not the say the X1 is timid. It has plenty of power to get you moving. It’s well appointed and features incredibly comfortable seating that you won’t find in other vehicles.