Everyone wants to drive a great car. BMW is one of the best luxury options on the market today. Their vehicles have become more luxurious, but still retain that love of the drive that has been the hallmark of BMW in the past.

The X5 is one of the best options that BMW has to sell. 

The current X5 model had a small redesign back in the 2019 model year. The 335 hp turbocharged inline 6 available in the base models throws down a 0-60mph time of just 4.9 seconds! That’s mighty impressive for a Sport Utility Vehicle. Styling is traditional BMW design through and through. However, these clean lines are classic for a reason! Getting a good deal on an X5 is possible. Whether you’re looking to buy new, used, or lease a model, there’s money to be saved! 

X5 Trim Pricing

Like most vehicles, the X5 has a wide variety of different trim levels. Increasing trims will usually have increasing luxury. The X5 features 4 different trim levels with increasing prices. The four trim options suggested retail prices are: 

  • SDrive40i - $59,900+
  • xDrive40i - $62,200+
  • xDrive50i - $77,150+
  • M50i - $83,150+

Arguably the best option is actually the sDrive40i. It’s got lightning speed with plenty of features. Moving up trim levels doesn’t really provide nearly the benefit that the increased costs warrant. There is one option package (The Premium Package) that may be of special interest to those looking for the best interior. This package runs $2,300 and includes Sirius XM Radio with a year subscription, remote engine start, a Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless phone charging, heads up display and automatic climate control with four separate zone control! It’s definitely a quality option package. Remember that these prices are always a starting point in negotiations.

Finding a Deal

BMW is a premium brand. It’s not surprising that their vehicles can cost a premium sum. If you’re looking to buy outright, it can sometimes be difficult to negotiate down with a slick salesperson. Use online resources to determine exactly what you can work down to in your area and stick to a hard cap. 

Lease offerings can be a bit more diverse. There are lease deals available out there. Both the sDrive40i and xDrive40i can be had at around $739/month with around $5000 down for a solid three year lease. Don’t forget that even though this may be a sale lease price, leases can be negotiated too. 

Deals on Used X5s

Choosing a used X5 is kind of a great way to find a deal. Used cars are much like new in that negotiation is important. However, there’s often a plethora of used BMWs out there that are in excellent shape. The natural build quality of BMW means that they last really well. Like most cars, the X5 has different generations. The most recent generation (2019-onward) doesn’t show a whole lot of benefit in the used market. Arguably the most option is to look at models that are 3 years behind the current model year. Why three years? Most leases are three years, so BMW will always be getting back vehicles in good shape after their leases are up. You can find 2017 models between $30,000 and $42,000! 2016 models can be found for less than half of the original MSRP between $25,000 and $37,000. Those are significant drops compared to 2019 models, which may show around a 10% drop in price.