We live in a time when there are a wide variety of exciting vehicles that we can take offroad. Driving offroad can produce a huge amount of adrenaline for thrill seekers out there.

However it’s not just about fun and enjoyment when you are out driving.

Off-road vehicles are not just for enjoyment however. Off-road vehicles are often used as convenient methods of travel. They all people in remote locations who travel with ease. They also are used by law enforcement, the military and search and rescue teams! The way off-road vehicles can be used is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Off-Road Vehicles


One of the best ways to explore the off road is through all terrain vehicles. All terrain vehicles have either three or four wheels. They have dozens of names that have been given to them as well. Known as quad bikes or four-wheelers, ATVs are single operator vehicles that let you drive through all types of off road areas.

ATVs work on a short wheelbase philosophy. So while their wheels and clearance aren’t that big, they can climb over a lot of different terrains. They are regularly used on rocky terrain. They also do an excellent job on sandy terrain and muddy terrain thanks to the very deep tread on their tires.

ATVs have a large amount of practical uses as well. ATVs are very common in rural areas and for large farms. They are able to travel throughout a farm in order to get to the remote locations quickly. They can travel to areas that trucks are unable to pass through, including through forested regions. Forest services and rangers often use ATVs, as do some law enforcement and border patrol agencies. ATVs are also put into user by rescue agencies. They can get out to places for emergency medical treatment when nothing else can get there!

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are one of the fastest and most enjoyable of off-road vehicles. The difference between a motorcycle and a dirt bike is fairly simple. There are many dirt bikes that are also used on road as standard transit options. Dirt Bikes have large fat tires with deep grooves. This allows people to also take on vicious offroad terrain with speed and agility.

One of the newest advances is using electricity to truly power dirt bikes. There are powerful electric engines that can either be charged using the same kind of power station that cars use, or use modular electric power. Modular electric engines allow people to swap out the batteries on their dirt bikes. This means that they can run for as long as they want so long as they are willing to purchase enough batteries. There are also mobile fast charge kits that can make charging your electric dirt bike incredibly fast.

Dune Buggies

If you need to travel through sand, then there is nothing better than a dune buggy. Named for the great desert dunes, these buggies have been around for quite a while. Unlike the other vehicles on this list, dune buggies feature roll cages. This is because they take sharp inclines as well as sloping grounds. The roll cage protects everyone when the dune buggy flips.

Dune buggies have been around for a long time. There are a lot of versions out there. One of the most famous was the “beach buggy”. In this case a Volkswagon bug would be modified with roll cage and fenders to look and feel like a fun little dune buggy.

Go Karts

Normally when people think of go karts, they think of children driving around on speed limited karts on tracks so they can emulate their racing heroes. However there are also go karts that are capable of going offroad. Now, the ride height is still pretty low for off road go-karts. This means that it’s more likely they are to be used on gravel tracks or on trails.

Offroad go karts are often used for informal and low end racing events. These can provide a huge amount of excitement and fun for the drivers with minimal overhead.


Finally we get to the king of winter off-road vehicles. Snowmobiles are immensely useful when it comes to wintertime. In many remote areas, they are the only option when it comes to driving in the wintertime. Snowmobiles are used throughout the Northern United States, Canada and Alaska.

Alaska in particular uses snowmobiles extensively. There are many places that become impassable in the winter. Residents instead us snowmobiles. Their wide tracks allows them to work much like snowshoes. The width spreads out the weight and allows it skirt along on top of the snow. It’s impossible to get through deep drifts of light snow, but there are tons of different places that snowmobiles can go.