Vehicle modifications have evolved since the '70s when people drove fairly standard cars. They did not have many options to customize the engines, doors, dashboards or other features.

Today, most drivers know that nearly every part of a vehicle can be easily customized. For truck drivers, customization is ideal when they need to drive off road or haul heavy-duty equipment for long distances. They can change the tires, wheels, tailgates and headlights to improve the performance levels. Every few years, there are new trends that are changing the ways that people drive. In the past, it was the introduction of customized truck beds, and now, it's the popularity of chrome wheels and LED lights. Modern truck lights are brighter, come in more colors and last longer than ones made in the past. Overall, truck drivers have countless options to change the look and feel of their vehicles. There are several custom features that they should consider having.

1 - Subwoofers or Amplifiers

The built-in sound system in a truck provides minimal quality. Car owners add more depth to the sounds by adding a subwoofer to the amplifier. The bass increases and vibrates throughout the vehicle. The subs, amps and enclosure must be matched perfectly together.

The first step is to estimate the right amount of space for loudspeakers. Next, research must be done to find high-quality audio equipment with the right sizes and features. Every truck is different along with its specifications.

2 - Wheels

Custom wheels are designed to enhance the look of any vehicle. These wheels are stylish and trendy, while tires affect the vehicle's safety and efficiency. Custom wheels are made in different colors and styles with some being "spinners" and others being finished.

Some truck drivers venture onto off roads that are slippery and uneven. They are less successful when driving on regular tires that are designed for highways and paved roads. Off-road wheels and tires are larger and made with strong materials that resist road damages.

3 - Control Panel

More trucks that are being used for personal or professional purposes are equipped with sophisticated control panels. These panels are used mainly for GPS navigation systems. Drivers can look at three-dimensional maps and type in their destinations.

Most drivers can customize panels to their liking. At basic levels, they change the LED lights and display options. The most advanced panels allow them to use voice activation and hands-free automation. Using their voices, they control the music, temperatures, driving directions, etc.

4 - Plated Door Handles

People tend to have chrome wheels while neglecting the more important parts of the truck. The door handles are used every time the truck is opened, but the drivers barely notice them. They don't notice the rusted surface or loose hinges that develop over the years. They focus only on customizing the wheels and grille that are more attractive yet less functional. Drivers should also add matching plates to the door handles, mirrors or bumpers.

5 - Suspension Lift Kits

Higher ground clearance means more freedom and control when driving a truck. This feature is important to use in the worst weather conditions. Off-road trucks need high suspensions to move through pools of mud or snow. During floods, it's difficult or impossible to drive regular cars through waters that are several feel high. The car's interior would get flooded within minutes and leave the driver stranded. Suspension lift kits allow drivers to lift the bodies of their trucks up several feet.

Customization increases the value of trucks that are driven for daily errands, off-road trips or business tasks. Any feature can be customized from the seats to the speakers and control consoles. In addition, there are online stores that provide wide selections of affordable auto parts. All types of drivers should consider using custom features that suit their needs.