If you love to drive, then working for a trucking company can make for a great career. The amount of commerce now completed through delivery means that trucking is going to remain a crucial part of the American economy to the foreseeable future.

If you want to get into this line of work, you want to work for a company that treats employees well, pays well, gives excellent benefits and has room for advancement in the company. 

It’s hard to determine which have the best employment opportunities. Some may have stronger ratings from drivers. Some may have higher wages or better benefits. It’s great to learn the company you have chosen is good to its employees. It’s somewhat more troublesome to learn after you’ve already started that the company doesn’t care enough about the employees. What follows are some great trucking companies and organizations. Finding a job with them will probably result in career fulfillment! 

1 - Arkansas Best 

When it comes to a great trucking company, there’s a few things that are needed. Offering good wages is a good place to start. Arkansas Best functions fully across all of the United States and Canada. Their focus is specifically on less than truckload cargo, as opposed to parcel delivery like some of the others on this list. Current drivers for Arkansas Best give rave reviews and returns on the working conditions, making this one of the best trucking employment opportunities.

2 - FedEx

FedEx has been one of the biggest delivery driving companies that pride themselves in their incredibly fast delivery of specific parcels. This means that they need a huge fleet of drivers. Some drivers work for delivery, while other drivers do line haul work from location to location. FedEx is well recommended by their current employees. FedEx often allows for career growth as it’s a huge company that likes to hire for positions from within. Their drivers also receive really good benefits and a higher pay than many others. As drivers become more experienced, they may even qualify for specific high wage routes which pull multiple trailers in specific regions. If there’s a downside, it’s that FedEx is very demanding of their drivers and employees in turn. As a huge structured company, employees need to adhere to their schedule to keep things running smoothly. 

3 - Pitt Ohio

Here we have another excellent trucking company. Pitt Ohio offers multiple different trucking positions for different licenses and locations. Pitt Ohio functions across North America. It’s a flexible company which offers full truckload, lighter than load and parcel services. Pitt Ohio has great employment benefits and offers a lot of loyalty to their employees. In some cases, it’s argued that seniority for their employees can sometimes mean too much, but it does show their willingness to stand behind their employees. If you're in for the long haul (literally and metaphorically, then Pitt Ohio may be the right choice.  

4 - UPS

If you’re signing up to work for UPS, you better look good in brown! UPS pays very well to it’s drivers, especially if they are working hard or going beyond what is expected of them. Employees love the company, so perhaps there’s less jobs opening than expected, but UPS tends to hire from within. There’s a downside to working for UPS though. Their holiday season throughout late November and through December is considered downright unbearable by some people. It’s admittedly a very heavy workload while so many people are trying to ship packages and parcels for the holiday season and retailers are trying to stock up their shelves for the rushes. This is definitely not a time to expect to take vacation if you’re working for UPS, or really any parcel company.